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Perk, Counterpoint

I love Kendrick Perkins, but I don't always agree with him.  Here are a few quotes by him today (mostly from the Globe) and some of my reactions.

"You can tell by the start of the first quarter,'' he said. "However we come out in the first quarter, that's how the game is going to be.

Really?  Then how do you explain the series of 2nd quarter collapses we've been witness to this year?

"If you get a lot of defense, a lot of energy going from the older guys more than the younger guys, then we are going to have a pretty good game.


"I don't think it's talent. I don't think it's physical. It's all mental.''

I don't think it's talent.  I do think some of it is physical.  But I'll concede that most of it is mental which I think feeds into the players not giving their best effort at times. That is concerning headed into the playoffs.  Will they have the mental toughness to compete night in, night out, for 48 minutes or more?

And a quick look ahead to the summer via the Herald:

Kendrick Perkins turned a bit wistful when asked how Miami would look if impending Raptors free agent Chris Bosh were to join Dwyane Wade on the Heat roster next season. "Great on paper," Perkins said. "But anything can look good on paper. Just look at us."

Sad but true.  We look good on paper, but will that translate onto the floor when it matters most?