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Unhappy Ending

It was mostly LeBron, but he got some help from Mo.
It was mostly LeBron, but he got some help from Mo.

Once again, the Celtics built an early lead on the Cavs and let it slip away.  The first half couldn't have gone much better and the 2nd half couldn't have gone much worse.  This team needs to figure out how to close the Cavs out.  We really missed out on a golden opportunity to strike first.  This one hurts, ...a lot.

  • Now the incredible game that Rondo had will never be remembered.
  • Mo Williams getting hot in the 3rd was absolutely game-changing.  I was worried about that.
  • Sheed, please, just go home.
  • Might have been KG's best game of the playoffs so far with 18 and 10.
  • Paul Pierce really struggled down the stretch.  That's not good.
  • Credit the Cavs defense for really clamping down in the 2nd half.  Need to find an answer for that.
  • Stop me when you've heard this before: 15 turnovers killed us.
  • LeBron's elbow looks just fine.  Can we please stop talking about it now?

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