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Most Valuable Team

Other headlines I could have used include "King Tamed" and "Most Valuable Choke" but I wanted to emphasize the fact that the Celtics played as a team, and that was the difference.

LeBron James finished with a pedestrian 15 points on 3-14 shooting.  To put that in perspective, Glen Davis scored 15 points in the 4th quarter alone, and 4 Celtics scored more points than him.

  • The Celtics put on a defensive clinic, never letting James or any of his teammates feel comfortable.  That's the kind of defense that wins Championships.
  • It was wonderful to see Pierce break out of his shooting slump.  But he didn't have to carry the load all himself.
  • Rondo was quiet in the first half, but not in the same way that LeBron was quiet.  Rondo was in control the whole time.  He just wanted to set the table for his teammates.  Once again, good call Rajon.
  • Just a dominating performance and now we're headed home with a chance to close it out.  Nobody believed in us.  Keep doubting us.

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