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Daily Links 5/14

Herald    C’s you later, Cavs
Past battle with Shaquille O’Neal sparked young Kendrick Perkins
Kevin Garnett back in time
Celtics team up to send LeBron James, Cavs packing
With loss, future is now for LeBron James
Rasheed Wallace gives lift in playoffs
LeBron James says he’ll be a better player, but where?
Goran Dragic having breakout season for Suns
Cavaliers lost themselves at the wrong time
Bloomberg says LeBron James would love NYC
Suspension behind him, Magic following Rashard Lewis’ lead
Globe    Celtics-Cavaliers Game 6 reaction
Clevelanders desperate to keep LeBron
Garnett stands tall after sitting
Performance gets him Tony award
‘Chosen One’ now has a choice to make
Boston Globe's Bob Ryan talks about the series clincher.
They’re back, and it’s all systems go
Green light

CelticsBlog    The Celtics Still Have a Job To Do
The Celtics Still Have a Job To Do
Cleveland Series Parting Shots
YES! - CelticsBlog
Cleveland, Check. On to Orlando!
Celtics Green   Comments from the Other Side - Cavs Game 6 5/13
Red's Army    Your Morning Dump... He's back! -
Your Morning Dump... He's back! -
Enemy Chatter: The Celtics tightened the screws
That's the last of 'em Player of the Series: Rajon Rondo
Two Experts Have Been Converted
Celtics Hub    So About Those Cavalier Trades…
Sheed Sums It Up Perfectly
Remember the Magic?
The Chess Match Begins: Barnes on Ray, Not Pierce
NESN    Celtics Advance, Eliminate LeBron James, Cavs in Six Games
With LeBron James Out of Picture, Celtics Focused on Next Stop on Trail to Banner No. 18
LeBron James Now Bound for New York Knicks?
Celtics Release Tickets for Conference Finals
Is Red Auerbach or David Ortiz a Bigger Boston Sports Legend?
North Station Sports   NSS Flix: The Celtics Say All the Right Things
Celtics Championship-Swagger Returns, Elliminate Cavs 4-2
Cleveland Cavaliers Have Terminated Mike Brown
Celtics Town   Who do the Magic trust come crunch time?
Doc saw Celtics true potential in training camp
Cleveland begs Lebron to stay
Stephen A. Smith waxes poetic about Celtics
Garnett discusses old chemistry concerns
Video: Ray Allen dunks on Mo Williams
Lex Nihil Novi  1988 NBA Playoffs: Doc Rivers Posts 18 Dimes in Loss
Bob Ryan Weighs in on Bird v. Nique
1988 NBA Playoffs: Lakers Inspired by Celtics
Celtics Life   Checkmate Checkmate
Should the Celts Activate Scalabrine for Orlando?
Remember 1990
Lebron showed us why he'll never be like MikeLebron showed us why he'll never be like Mike
C's Don't Care About Last Night
Cleveland's Brown & Atlanta's Woodson both fired
This Was Only 12 Days Ago
Banner 18?   What can they say now..
Gino's Jungle   Celtics vs. Magic Series Preview with Howard The Dunk
Even when he plays well I still hate Sheed Even when he plays well I still hate Sheed
Celtics Stuff Live    Gold Rarities Postgame Show: Celtics vs Cavs - Game 6
Rivalry Renewed    Celtics Throttle Cavaliers
Who Wins Celtics-Magic?
Boston Sports U18   Celtics Were Undoubtedly The Better Team
Green Street    Fast Break: Celtics-Cavs
LeBron on elbow: ‘It limited me some’
The future of Lebron James
Celtics-Magic conference finals schedule announced
Thanks to T.A., C’s where they want to be
Stephen A. Smith on D&C: Celtics-Lakers seems like destiny
Report: Cavs fire head coach Brown
WEEI    Game 6 Post Game Part 2
Powe: Celtics playing 'better' than 2008
Ten thoughts from Game 6: Rondo was The King of this series
Ten thoughts from Game 6: Rondo was The King of this series
CSN-NE   Boston vs. Orlando: the matchups
Celtics talk: Tony Allen
Celtics talk: Glen Davis
Celtics talk: Wyc Grousbeck
Cavs talk: LeBron James
Celtics talk: Paul Pierce
Celtics talk: Doc Rivers
C's, Celtic Nation rise to the occasion
Celtics' Big Three let Rondo into the game
Blakely and Draper break down Game Six
Celtics oust Cavs, advance to conference finals
Levine: Garnett's return to glory
ESPN    You can't spell "King" without KG
Cleveland Cavaliers staying with coach Mike Brown, owner Dan Gilbert says]
Pregame notes: Press your luck
Celtics vs. Magic schedule
Postgame notes: 'Sheed not here for regular season
3-point play: KG, Ubuntu, Magic
First impressions: Celtics 94, Cavaliers 85 First impressions: Celtics 94, Cavaliers 85
2010 NBA playoffs: Boston Celtics' teamwork paid off vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
2010 NBA playoffs: Healthy Kevin Garnett is difference for Boston Celtics
2010 NBA playoffs: Orlando Magic enters series with Boston Celtics on a historic roll
LeBron to the Bulls? 3 GMs think so
Now that the Cavs have been eliminated, what is LeBron's next move?
Deadspin     Can The Celtics Get Any Love?
Orlando Sentinel     Orlando Magic / Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals Preview
Doc Rivers: Doc Rivers to reporter "You thought I sounded crazy?"
Orlando Magic scouting report: Orlando vs. Boston
Stan Van Gundy will watch Cavs-Celtics Game 6
Pro Basketball Talk    You should fear Tony Allen? Yes, it appears so
NBA Playoffs, Celtics Cavaliers Game 6: Kevin Garnett can still beat you
NBA Playoffs Cavs Celtics Game 6: Celtics have a Magic reason to close out
Bleacher Report    Rajon Rondo Has Been a Star, We Just Finally Took The Time To Notice
Why Celtic Nation Was Wrong When They Chanted New York Knicks Last Night
LeBron James: A Crown-less King
Reasons Why The Celtics Can Avoid Being Swept By the Orlando Magic
Fox Sports    LeBron owes it to Cleveland to stay
So just how good are the Celtics?
Celtics stun Cleveland for series win
True Slant   Why the Knicks should say ‘No’ to LeBron   Magic will beat Celtics in Eastern Conference Finals of playoffs
New sport   Countdown: Rondo's rise to elite
Waiting for Next Year   Where Do The Cavaliers Go From Here?
NY Times    Celtics’ Revival Lost in the Fixation on James
Celtics 94, Cavaliers 85 - Celtics Topple Cavaliers to Reach East Finals
The Truth Hurts    Boston Three-party? Better make room for one more.   Mo Williams' renewal expires after halftime against Boston Celtics
Cleveland Cavaliers replace title dreams with nightmares of doubt and speculation
Disappointed Shaquille O'Neal wants to keep playing, would consider return to Cleveland
Cavaliers' failures are something that could only happen in Cleveland
In the final analysis, time for some hard truths for Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers Game 6 analysis by Brian Windhorst, Mary Schmitt Boyer
LeBron James talks about the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the Boston Celtics: Video
Somewhere in that Garden in the sky, Red Auerbach is lighting his victory cigar
LeBron James with Orlando Magic?
Pssst! Hey, buddy! Wanna buy a domain name to keep LeBron? Cheap!
LeBron's future; Getting started; Bad memories; Sights and sounds
Cleveland Cavaliers are done, so now what do we watch? Poll
LeBron James will make his decision this summer: Poll
LeBron James staying? Chances are slim to none, says Dennis Manoloff
Tell LeBron James you want him to stay in Cleveland
Cleveland Cavaliers' season meets bitter end as Boston Celtics win series
Cleveland Cavaliers' desperation moves don't slow Kevin Garnett
Hardwood Paroxysm    Where The Energy Wasn’t: Still Chomping At The Bit In Cleveland
Sports Inquirer   Together, together, together
Daily News Tribune    Celtics Notebook: Powe sees intensity in former teammates
Woray    Candace Parker | Careers Video
FanHouse    LeBron 'Nope' Shirts a Hit in Boston   Everything lining up for Magic, who'll finally get tested
Everything lining up for Magic, who'll finally get tested
Magic Focus In On Celtics
News Tribune    Celtics KO Cavaliers
Basketball Prospectus    Celtics Do It Together
Eagle Tribune    A tarnished crown for the King
Howard the Dunk    A Quick Look At Dwight Howard’s Struggles Against The Boston Celtics
Why You Should Cheer For The Orlando Magic In The Eastern Conference Finals
CT News    Celtics Stun Cavs..and most everyone else.
NY Post    LeBron looks like anything but a champion
Questions abound as NBA reshuffles
Magic Basketball    Interview with Zach Lowe of CelticsHub
Telegram   Celtics eliminate Cavs, 94-85
Well-rested Magic await
Chicago Now   Kevin Garnett to LeBron: Loyalty hurts you
Examiner    2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals preview
Rich Avady    Celtics Had No Respect For "King" James
Opposing Views    Kevin Garnett is Boston Celtics' Meal Ticket to NBA Finals
Mass Live    LeBron James' elbow ligament rumored to be torn, Kevin Garnett's leadership style and more
UMass guard Anthony Gurley gets some tips during workout with Celtics
Yahoo   Kenny Anderson, after retiring broke, graduates Saturday - Ball Don't Lie
LeBron faces first true test of adversity
National Post    Celtics’ Ray Allen improving his worth
MoJo Hoops    The Resurrection Of Kevin Garnett
Dimemag    Throwback Thursdays: Red Auerbach

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