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Daily Links 5/15

Herald    Doc Rivers had right diagnosis
East elite high on confidence
Postseason is Tony Allen’s time
Celtics-Magic matchups
Celtics like chances against Magic this time with Kevin Garnett
LeBron James turns up the temperature on an already over-Heat-ed summer
Celtics’ Game 6 dominates ratings
76ers interview Elston Turner
Cavaliers, LeBron James’ futures uncertain after loss
Opening statements given in Dwyane Wade restaurant case
Globe    Clevelanders desperate to keep LeBron
Finley says James knows the score
Guarded optimism for Nelson, Magic
Perkins set for more big stuff

CelticsBlog     Beware The 3rd Quarter CollapseBeware The 3rd Quarter Collapse
Previewing the Eastern Conference Finals
Celtics Green   Random Thoughts Between Series
Hoopsworld    Playoff Preview: Magic vs. Celtics
Red's Army   Glen Davis Tells It Like It Is
Your Morning Dump... Where the Magic are red hot
CSN-NE    Sports Tonight: Ian Thomsen
Boston vs. Orlando: the matchupsBoston vs. Orlando: the matchups
Magic present new challenges to Celtics
ProJo    With Garnett playing, Celtics like chances against Magic
Confident and healthy, Celtics are where they want to be
North Station Sports   Hey, Cleveland Fan? Shut Your Stupid Face
You Win, Lebron
Eastern Conference Finals Preview: Boston Celtics Vs. Orlando Magic
Aztec Gino Dances During Game 6 of Celtics/Cavs
Celtics Town    Garnett discusses old chemistry concerns
Video: Ray Allen dunks on Mo Williams
Report: Delonte West hooks up with Lebron’s mom?
My favorite Celtics picture ever, perhaps
Morning Walkthrough: What slippage, again?
Lex Nihil Novi    1988 NBA Playoffs: Lakers Inspired by Celtics
Bird Summarizes Game 7: "Hell, This is My Building"
CelticsLife    Today's Video: Scal on the tricks of riding the T
The Water of Life was finally found
Gino's Jungle   Celtics vs. Magic Series Preview with Howard The Dunk
Celtics and Cavs Game 6 Grabs Huge Ratings
Celtics  Stuff Live    Adieu Recognition
ESPN    LeBron's future?
Video: Avery Johnson on Celtics-Magic
Video: Mashburn on C's-Magic PG matchup
Formula for success
Orlando's run is magical
Report: Free agent Shaquille O'Neal wants to continue to play in NBA
Van Gundy: Celtics' win is no upset
Bleacher Report    Did LeBron Sandbag Boston Celtics Series Intentionally? A Grand Conspiracy
The Embodiment Of Heart and Team: The 2010 Boston Celtics
Celtics-Magic East Finals Preview: Show Some Love for LeBron-Less Matchup
Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics Vs. Orlando Magic
Telegram   Doc saw Celtics' skill in camp
Patriot Ledger   Upon further review, this writer had the Boston Celtics figured wrong
Celtics turn their attention to the Magic for their next challenge

Fire Danny Ainge    Did Lebron lose on purpose??
Orlando Sentinel    Matt Barnes, Vince Carter will have new defensive assignments against Celtics
Stan Van Gundy doesn’t consider Celtics beating Cavaliers a major upset
The Orlando Magic's 2009 Conference Semifinal against the Boston Celtics, game by game
Boston's Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett returns after missing series against Magic last season
4  Sport Boston    In Case Anyone Cares to Notice, The Boston Celtics Won
Magic Basketball    Previewing the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals for the Orlando MagicP
Toxic Ways    WWE moment in NBA playoffs: Shaq slams perkins
NY Times   Magic’s Van Gundy: Cavaliers Looked Bad Because of the Celtics
The Sports Caddy    : Some Celtics saw reflection of past in LeBron
The Ledger    Magic Not Surprised to See Celtics
Best Sports Book   Magic Will Succeed Where Cavaliers Failed
Philly 2 Philly    Delonte West-Gloria James Rumor Is Ultimate Distraction for Lebron James pulling a "McNabb"
Providing News    Delonte West – Gloria James affair is just a rumor
Howard the Dunk    Talking Celtics-Magic With Gino’s Jungle
Fanway    The Boston Celtics Are Back From The Dead
Green Street    Big Baby won’t look back at ‘Shovegate’   'We Are LeBron': Together, we can make a difference and keep him in Cleveland
Terez Owens    Exclusive: LeBron’s Teammate Sleeping with His Mom
CBS News    Garnett to LeBron: Loyalty can Hurt
Bet Us      5 Burning Questions - Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic
The Star   Vince Carter at ease, after the Vinsanity

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