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Experts Pick Orlando

One more time, lets look at what the ESPN experts are saying:

5. Who wins the series?

Abbott: Orlando. Boston manages to make every playoff series it ever plays in into a dogfight with that most honorable effort on defense, but the Magic are the better team, and they have home-court advantage.

Arnovitz: Orlando. The Magic have the best offense remaining in the postseason coupled with the stingiest defense. They're indomitable until proven otherwise.

Hollinger: Orlando. The Magic are 27-3 with a +14.0 scoring margin in their past 30 games, have home-court advantage, won three of the four regular-season meetings, and beat Boston last year with Rafer Alston in place of Jameer Nelson. They have the best players, more depth and more rest. There's simply no plausible reason to bet against them.

Sheridan: Orlando in seven on the strength of its 3-point shooting, and Howard raising his game to a new level over the course of the series. I'd even venture to say his free throw shooting takes a sharp turn for the better.

Stein: Orlando in six. The Magic's offensive prowess will trump Boston's suffocating D.

No question it is going to be challenging, but I'm not sure why the assumption is that the Magic are destined for success.  Hollinger in particular with his "There's simply no plausible reason to bet against them." comment kinda annoys me.

Oh well.  It is their job to make predictions and it is the Celtics job to prove them wrong.

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