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Oh Captain, My Captain

Celtics win, take 2-0 lead back home to Boston.

  • What's the difference between Vince Carter and Paul Pierce?  I think the last 4 free throws of the game tell you all you need to know.
  • Pierce was feelin' it early and Rondo was feelin' it later.  I was waiting for Ray to be the closer, but Pierce took care of it himself.
  • Dwight Howard had the kind of game that you might expect, but it wasn't enough.  Not enough help.
  • Wait a minute, only 8 rebounds for Howard?  Ha Ha!
  • Howard needs to know, knocking Pierce (and Rondo) down isn't going to intimidate them.  It just makes them angry.  You wouldn't like them when they're angry (/hulk).
  • Rondo hitting clutch jumpers in the final few minutes?  Goodnight when that happens.  You have no prayer when that's falling for us.
  • I loved KG's "Superman throw-in dunk" reminiscent of the dunk contest a few years back.
  • Might have been the most entertaining game of the playoffs thus far (and all the more entertaining when we win).
  • Huge mental toughness game.  JJ's mistake not calling time out was huge.

So, I guess it is official.  The regular season meant nothing.  This team has flipped the switch and they are rolling.  Take care of business and lets get back where we belong, the Finals.

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