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Doc Calls Out Sheed

We need more from Sheed
We need more from Sheed

It sounds like Doc is seeing the same thing we are seeing.  That Sheed is simply not living up to the expectations we had for him.  But it also sounds like he's not quite ready to pull the plug on him yet.  Perhaps because he knows we're signed up for 2 more years of this.

Rivers on Sheed: He has to play better

"He has to play better, bottom line," Doc Rivers said Sunday. "He has to play better defense. The offense will come but he has to be a better defender. We can’t wait. He has to play better."

Rivers elected not to use Shelden Williams despite the heavy foul trouble that Wallace and Glen Davis found themselves in early in the game. That might change, although Rivers didn’t quite his tip his hand on that front.

"He is in the discussion every day," Rivers said of Williams. Is he is it more today? "No," Rivers answered. "But he definitely is in that discussion."

So what do you think?  Would Shelden help us more?

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