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Daily Links 5/20

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Herald    Improved Celtics may be better than ’08
Magic’s little problem is quite big
Celtics need rest, but fear it could kill momentum
Celtics getting defensive
Lakers eclipse Suns
In this postseason, anything can happen, but it looks like a familiar finals
Allens’ cause reaches Washington
Bulls still in no hurry for new coach
Russian to the rescue as Mikhail Prokhorov saves Nets
Marquis Daniels’ stepdad stunned at game
Sixers close in on Doug Collins
Magic’s dream season in peril heading into Game 3
NBA lottery working — just not for the worst teams
Celtics taking a humble approach to Game 3
Globe    Which team is better - Celtics now, or 2008 Celtics?
Magic line up for Carter
How are the Celtics beating the Magic?
It’s smooth sailing on road
Celtics looking for KO

CelticsBlog   Paul Pierce Exhibits His Will to Win
Williams and Pietrus Sparked Orlando's Fourth Quarter Runs
History Repeating? (1969)
Celtics Vs Cavs: AKA 'How I Learned To Love Again'
Celtics Green   Random Thoughts During this Long Gap Between Games
Perkisabeast  We’re coming home to close it out.
Red's Army   Your Morning Dump... The Celtics need to stay hungry
The Rest Of The Results
You want us? Come get us!
Rondo's sponsored playoff talk
Green Street   Celtics on message
CSN-NE    Paul Pierce back in leading role
Ref throws ball at fan
Stephen A. Smith: Rondo has been a bargain
Kevin McHale: Celts-Magic series is over
Blakely on Celtics series lead
Rested Development for the C's
Focused Allen propelling Celtics' run
Celtics Hub    Big Baby’s (Sorta) Big Night, Plus Other Random Thoughts
Whoa: Orlando Cops Arrest Marquis Daniel’s Father?
Pride Is a Funny Thing
The Boston Celtics: A Turnover-Forcing Machine of Historical Proportions
North Station Sports   NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Vince Carter Chokes Again
Newest Round of NBA Commercials Finally Make Sense
Looking Ahead To The Draft For Boston
Lakers Fans Want the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals
Celtics Town   Highlight Reel: Rajon Rondo’s sick layup
Paul Pierce’s delightful postgame interview
Rajon Rondo’s evolution as a leader
Orlando Magic players still hold out hope
Lex Nihil Novi   1988 Eastern Conference Finals: Bird Slump Nothing New
Celtics Life   Don't let the final score fool you
Today's Video: Another look at Rondo's big Game 2
Can the Celtics finish the Magic off in Boston?
Today's Video: Larry Bird-Greatest Passer Mix
Gino's Jungle   A whole buncha stuff about NBA referee Bill Kennedy
What a Difference a Year Makes, Huh Rashard??
Marquis Daniels' Pops Arrested at Amway Arena
The Jungle Report - May 20th, 2010
Tim Donaghy: "The league still owes me money"
ESPN    Boston Legends series: Bob Cousy
Pierce denies Twitter post
PTI: Is this series over?
3-point play: Simmons, D12, Tasers,
Doc on defending the Celtics
Celtics chat today at 1 p.m.
Lakers fans: "We want Boston"
With three days off, Boston Celtics can't let hype of 2-0 lead over Orlando Magic hinder their focus
The night Orlando's season fell apart
10 nuggets from Game 2
Reason to celebrate
Pierce goes bold in postgame comments
CBS Sports   With no King around, Pierce confirms his place on Celtics' throne
Orlando Sentinel    LeBron James, Cavs implosion linked to internal controversy
Franz Hanning, Orlando Magic fan who tossed ball back to NBA referee, responds to incident
Coach Stan Van Gundy wants to get Rashard Lewis more involved on offense
Hard fouls, tweets and taunts don't matter unless Orlando Magic can win in Boston
Magic/Celtics Game 2 – The "Are You F’ing Kidding Me?" Game
Vote: Can the Magic still win the Eastern Conference Finals?
Do you believe Paul Pierce’s Twitter trash-talk about Magic was hacked?
Hello? David Stern? We Need to Talk
Down 0-2 to the Celtics, Magic players sound upbeat
Where was Magic security when NBA referee threw the ball at heckling fan?
Vote: Which Boston Celtics player has hurt the Magic the most this series?
Boston Celtics player's dad arrested during Game 2  Celtics Finally Have Their Swagger Back
Slam Online    Ray Allen Not Looking Forward to Resting Period  Longtime assistant coach Thibodeau makes mark on Celtics' D
LA Times    Lakers aren't getting much prep time
Lakers hold down fourth against Suns
Question of the day: So far, what's been the single biggest surprise of the NBA playoffs?
Sports Juke    Celtics And Lakers On Collision Course
Fox News    Pierce's Twitter boast a hack job?
Lakers fans are right: Bring on Boston   Pau Gasol's new power game too much for Suns; enough for Celtics?
1994 - Rare Photos of Kevin Garnett - Photos -
Stepfather of Celtics' Marquis Daniels�arrested, stun gun used
Bet Us   Celtics Return Home up Two-Games Over Magic
NESN    Does Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York Have Superior Sports Legends?
Celtics Must Continue to Keep Orlando Out of its Rhythm (Video)
Online Basketball Betting  2010 NBA Playoffs: Celtics Playoff Run Stabilizing the City of Boston
Yahoo   Lakers, Celtics aiming at Finals rematch
My San Antonio Rasheed redo not smart even in hindsight
National Post   Must be something in the Boston water
At the Hive   The Case for Tom Thibodeau
Telegram   All the numbers favor Celtics after historic road sweep
Green Street   NBA to investigate ref’s run-in with Magic fan
Celtics first-round draft prospects
Daniels’ stepfather arrested, tasered at Game 2
Ainge on The Big Show: Sheed lives for big games
Hardwood Paroxysm    Conference Finals: Dwight Howard’s Post Game Adjustments
USA Today   Magic's Rashard Lewis locked up by Celtics' Kevin Garnett
Eye-Opener: Who's coaching the best in NBA playoffs?
Did Paul Pierce taunt Magic about a sweep?
Duke in the lead for Austin Rivers, says AAU coach
NY Times    Adrift at Midseason, Celtics Show Their Playoff Mettle
Knickerblogger   2010 Report Card: Bill Walker
The Dispatch   This Rondo fellow turned out to be pretty good
Hippo Press   The C’s saw something most didn’t prior to current playoff run
The Sky Hook   Celtics recreate the mystique of 2008
Channel 6 News   Will The Celtics Give The Magic A Taste Of Their Own Medicine?
WBZTV Hot Celtics Playing Like A T-E-A-M
Bleacher Report   2010 NBA Playoffs: The Lakers, Celtics Are Headed for Another Showdown
Paul Pierce Spectacular in Game Two Win, But Commits Mistake After Game
What the Draft Lottery Means To the Boston Celtics
Technology  Kevin Garnett explains Lost to Big Baby Davis
Sparty and Friends  Prematurity: 2010 Celtics Better Than 2008
Temple 3  Sleeping on the Celtics   Cavaliers' collapse not result of a curse, just bad decisions
Oregon Live   You be the GM: Greg Oden, featured commentary
Fan House    Celtics at Home on Orlando's Court
Magic Basketball    Second Look: Boston Celtics 95, Orlando Magic 92
NBA Playbook   The Key To Dwight Howard’s Post Game
Florida Today   Orlando Magic's dream season in peril
News OK   Appreciating Tony Allen
Ball Don't Lie      Video: Paul Pierce has a very winky message for Celtics fans
Surprisingly, Sasha Vujacic and Goran Dragic are not best friends
Pro Basketball Talk    Dwight Howard not suspended for foul on Pierce. That's fair.

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