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Don't Let Them Get Back Up

Don't let them back up.
Don't let them back up.

The Magic are too good of a team to just roll over and die.  The Celtics can still beat them, but they have to stay focused.

Magic desperately try to stay in control - The Boston Globe

The Magic aren’t ready to concede anything to the Celtics. They are down, 2-0, and have given their counterparts full credit for two wins on their home floor. The Magic are coming to Boston with the understanding they have to win tonight’s Game 3, and the belief they’re good enough to get the job done. "Boston came to us and beat us twice on our home court, so it’s happened before,’’ said Rashard Lewis, who shot 4 of 16, 1 of 9 on 3-pointers, and averaged 5.5 points in the first two games. "Why can’t we do it? Why can’t it happen again?’’ Three teams have come back to win a best-of-seven series after dropping the first two games at home.

Lets not let it get anywhere near that.  Finish the job.

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