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Dwight Howard Says They Are Going to Win the Series

Super confidence.
Super confidence.

Call it confidence. Call it false bravado. But Dwight is saying big things and trying to rally his troops against a 3-0 deficit that means certain elimination in the NBA. The Celtics have put a vice grip on the Magic and everyone wonders if they will survive the night.

Dwight Howard isn't one of them.

It was just a few minutes before the locker rooms were closed to the press. I went into the Magic locker room for the first time to get a feel for the mood there.

Dwight Howard was there without a large media contingent around him (rare for playoffs) and a few other Magic players were sitting around. The media blitz had moved on. Mickael Pietrus, Anthony Johnson, and Jason Williams and maybe one other were there.
The interaction was understandably a bit strained, but worth sharing on the blog.

What is the feeling in this locker room right now?

DH: Ready to hear this quote?

TT: I’m ready……silence as Dwight thinks about what he might say.

DH: Who is this for?

TT: This is for Celticsblog.

DH: Celticsblog?

TT: Yeah

DH: Laughter. I don’t think you want to hear this quote. Nevermind.

TT: You guys are in a tough spot obviously. What is the feeling in the locker room at this point? If you were to describe it quickly….

DH: Oh we’re feeling good. We’re ready to go. We still believe we’re going to win this series. Ain’t no doubt in our minds.

TT: Then tonight’s got to be the beginning. What do you guys need to do better?

DH: Have a better first quarter.

Have a great first quarter and the rest will take care of itself.

And the big man gotta dominate.

(End of conversation.)

And for those a bit slow on the uptake…that is Dwight talking about himself.

So there you have it. We will see how things shake out shortly.

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