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Magic Finally Show Up

Nelson and Howard each stepped up.
Nelson and Howard each stepped up.

Hats off to the Magic.  Lesser teams would have given up and gone home.  Howard, Nelson, and the rest of the Magic showed up and sent it back to Orlando.

  • Ugly, ugly game.  Credit the Magic defense for taking away our motion.  We were forced into iso plays for basically the whole 4th and OT.
  • Magic were the aggressors early on.  Celtics were lucky to be only down a few buckets for most of the game.
  • Dwight Howard had a big boy game tonight, but Nelson was the key ingredient.
  • Rondo was playing at about 1/4 speed.  I didn't catch what the problem was, but he was clearly not himself out there tonight (and went back to the locker room before halftime).
  • Pierce almost singlehandedly kept us in this game.
  • Loved the 3's by Ray Allen down the stretch.  He could wake up from a 5 year coma, grab a pass from Rondo and drain a clutch shot.  Icewater-veins.
  • It is sure to be forgotten, but Glen Davis had a really nice game overall.
  • Unfortunately, Tony Allen and Rasheed Wallace didn't.
  • Magic won in spite of Vince Carter getting only 3 points.  Wow.
  • Just sloppy execution at the end of regulation and at the end of OT.
  • The Magic deserved to win this game, but at least we had a chance to steal it at the end.
Time to go to the Magic Kingdom and finish this out.

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