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Perkins Ejected: Faces Suspension

Perkins is out... but for how long?
Perkins is out... but for how long?

Kendrick Perkins was ejected after picking up his second technical foul of the game.  But it gets worse:

Perkins ejected after 2 technicals - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins picked up his second technical foul with 36.1 seconds to play in the first half, earning an automatic disqualification from the game. But Perkins' penalty might be more than just the second half of Wednesday's game. After entering the game with five postseason technicals, Perkins would be at the limit of seven if both technicals stand upon league review, and he will be suspended for one game. 

Shame on Perkins for letting his emotions get the best of him, but I gotta admit, the refs have been inconsistent at best and downright horrible at worst in this game.  And now they've made themselves the story.

Hopefully one or both of those techs will be reviewed and rescinded.  

FYI: If the C's manage to win and the techs stand up, Perk would be out for the first game of the Finals.

Rasheed hit a big 3 pointer and stole a pass after the ejection.  We're going to need him to step up big.  Wouldn't that just be poetic justice?

The sad thing is that Doc even talked to Perkins about the techs before the game.

"I have talked to him," admitted Rivers. "The double-technical is what's getting most guys in trouble. The flagrants, I can understand, if you had a ton of glaring flagrants, at some point, you should get suspended. Or if you have a ton of techs for arguing with the refs, just plain back-and-forth with the refs. But the double-technical thing has to be resolved. That's where two players, getting physical, and officials are just trying to clean the game up. The easier way is the double-technical, it calms the game down.

"If you look at Kendrick, four of them are [double-technicals]. Those are the ones we have to figure out a better way. I'm a typical guy -- I don't have a solution, but I can point out the problem."


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