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Technically Speaking, It's A Series

sometimes pictures tell the story
sometimes pictures tell the story

For those hoping for a sweep or an easy series, well... so much for that.

  • Can't understate how important the Perkins ejection was.  If we lose him for game 6, that's huge.
  • Big Baby suffered a concussion, he may miss the next game too.
  • Marquis Daniels also suffered a concussion.
  • Do we have any players left?  Maybe Scal will be an X factor in the next game.
  • Dwight Howard's elbows should be considered dangerous weapons.
  • Credit the Magic once again for coming out taking control of the game right from the first quarter.
  • Hard to beat a team that makes over 50% of their 3 pointers.  I kept waiting for them to start missing; didn't happen.
  • Rondo still doesn't look full speed.  I'm concerned.
  • I hate that the refs made themselves the story tonight.  Joey Crawford in particular.  
Note to Boston fans.  Don't panic.  Show up on Friday night and help the team to a little home cooking and a trip to the Finals.

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