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Davis, Wallace A Gametime Decision, Daniels Probably Out

Per the Boston Globe:

A stray Dwight Howard elbow in the third quarter left Glen Davis with a concussion not to mention missing pieces of his teeth, and even though Davis has improved since he was last seen leaving the court in a daze, Rivers said he’ll be a gametime decision for Game 6 tomorrow at the TD Garden.

"Baby looks good," Rivers said. "He was talking. He looked fine. He still has to go through a couple of tests this evening with our doctors to get clearance. He didn’t have any headaches today. He had some last night, which was a big step I guess. I think all of it will be a gametime decision so we’ll have to wait and see."

Also, Rasheed is a gametime decision as well:

"We watched some film before we got on the plane today as a group and he couldn’t sit down," Rivers said. "So he just stretched the whole time. So he’s feeling better. He’ll be a gametime decision as well."

Daniels though is probably out:

"Marquis is not doing as well as Baby, I can tell you that," Rivers said. "Right now I’m not so sure if he’ll be ready. I would actually say right now he probably will not be ready."

So for those keeping track at home, as of the end of Game 5 the Celtics were down Kendrick Perkins (ejected, and probably suspended), Rasheed Wallace (out, back), Glen Davis (concussion), and Marquis Daniels (concussion).

As of the end of business today it looks like the only guy for sure out is Daniels, as Davis and Wallace are both game time decisions and Perkins had a technical rescinded.

H/T Forums user celticinorlando

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