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Back To The Finals!

Oh Captain my Captain!
Oh Captain my Captain!

Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA! 

  • The first half was all about the point guards.  Rondo set the table, got hurt, and Nate took over.
  • Master motivator Doc Rivers: Said all along that Nate would help us win a game in the playoffs.  Never doubt him again.
  • Paul Pierce's line: 31 points, 13 rebounds, 5 dimes, 2 steals
  • Nice, somewhat quiet, 20 points for Ray.  (well, those back to back 3's were pretty loud)
  • Defense did it.  Don't lose sight of that.  Defense is why they won this game.
  • Doc: "This starting five has never lost a playoff series."  Yup.
  • Dwight showed up, Vince was great... when they were down 20, nobody else stepped up.
  • So, ...we can stop talking about the Bruins right?
  • Sheed and Nate helped us win this series.  Somewhere Danny Ainge is telling everyone around him "I told you so!"
  • Nobody's talking about the refs today.  thankgoodnessforthat
  • A week of rest is going to do this team a lot of good.  Sheed, Rondo, etc. could use the recovery time.
Don't get me wrong Suns fans, I wish you the best.  But at the end of the day, I want LA.

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