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Cavs Run Too Late This Time

Leading with the pass.
Leading with the pass.

So basically the key to beating the Cavs is to get such a large lead that when they go on their inevitable big run, it isn't enough to come all the way back and win.  They had Celtics Nation very, very nervous during that 15 - 0 run in the fourth.  Losing a 25 point lead would have been back breaking to say the least.  But the Cavs never got it under 10 points and the C's found a way to put them away.

I already gave a separate post to Zombie Sheed, but the other star of this game was Rajon Rondo.  He tied Bob Cousy's playoff assist record with 19.  He was the story of game 1 with his attacking and scoring but was criticized for passing too much late in the game.  Suborn guy that he is, he came out in game 2 passing and facilitating and it proved to be the right formula for the win.

  • Another slow start for LeBron James (by his standards).  Get ready for more elbow excuses.  But once again, it looked fine during that run in the 4th quarter.
  • Strong game for Ray Allen leading the team with 22 points.
  • Complaining about the officials is a pet peeve of mine, but even I have to admit that this was an oddly officiated game.
  • Second straight 18 point, 10 rebound performance for Garnett.  I'd say he's settling in nicely to his new role of wiley vet.
  • Solid game for Perkins.  Good D on Shaq, 10 points, and 9 rebounds.
  • Sheed finished with 17 points.  I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.
  • Rondo said it right in the post game interview: They played the clock not the game and that's how it got away from them.  Only when they went back on the attack were they able to put it away.  Thankfully they did.
  • Celtics now have home court advantage.  How sweet is that?

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