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Celtics Stuff Live: Marc Spears & Steve Bulpett


Join us tonight at 9pm for a power packed show as Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports and Steve Bulpett from the Boston Herald will be joining us to preview the Celtics/Lakers series. Of course, we are all excited for the renewed rivalry and a 2nd installment in 3 years for the most storied match-up in NBA history. Marc has an article this morning telling us why the Lakers may be ready for blood:

The Los Angeles Lakers’ title hopes had disappeared with one last embarrassing loss in the NBA Finals, leaving those on board the team’s bus to sit in stunned silence. As the bus started to leave the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston on that night two years ago, chaos quickly broke out around the Lakers. Boston Celtics fans had filled the streets to celebrate the franchise’s 17th championship, not far from a statue of longtime patriarch Red Auerbach smoking a victory cigar.

With traffic snarled and no police escort to take them to their hotel, the Lakers could do nothing but sit and stew. Before long, someone recognized Phil Jackson sitting in the front seat, and then the rocks began to fly. Revelers pelted the bus and shook it, mocking the Lakers at their lowest moment.

And Steve Bulpett has some follow up thoughts on the guest from our Postgame show the other night, Tim Donaghy:

Former referee Tim Donaghy made some points early on that the league should have done more to address, but at this point in the game he’s just trying to sell books.

During the Cleveland series, he said the fix was in for the Cavaliers because the NBA wanted a Kobe-LeBron Finals. And if it’s all about the money, then how did these fools with the whistles allow four of the 14 series thus far in this postseason to end in four games.

Extra dates mean extra gate revenue and television programming, and the audience grows when a series goes deep. Guess the assigned refs didn’t study accounting.

When it comes to the weaker officials, I like to quote the Great and Powerful Oz: "Oh, but I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad wizard."

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