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Andrew Bynum Has Right Knee Drained

The health of each team heading into the NBA Finals will he a major point of discussion, as a number of players on both teams are battling various ailments. Here's the latest on Andrew Bynum, who's battling a torn meniscus in his right knee and had the knee drained this morning (Via ESPN Los Angeles; Hat Tip to Title 18):

The 22-year-old Lakers center had his right knee drained (or "aspirated" in medical terms) Monday morning.

Bynum suffered a slight tear of the meniscus of his right knee in Game 6 against the Thunder and has been limited in the playoffs, averaging 9.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and 24.2 minutes per game while recovering from a late-season strain to his left Achilles and navigating the pain and swelling that accompanied the right knee injury.

"It was just getting worse," Bynum said after the Lakers film session in preparation for the Celtics on Monday. "The swelling wasn't leaving so we had to do it ... I was doing the treatment, but [the swelling] wasn't going anywhere like in the previous three rounds so I just had to drain it."

Bynum said he could not feel any immediate benefit from the drain because there was still medicine in the knee numbing the pain, but said he would find out if the procedure had a positive impact Wednesday, when he plans to return to practice.

I imagine ESPN Los Angeles will have some sort of practice report tomorrow with Bynum's reaction after he has had a chance to practice on the knee. If such a report is published, we'll be sure to pass it along, along with any other health-related news regarding either team.