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Pierce Will Be A Factor

Go to the hoop more Paul.
Go to the hoop more Paul.

Paul Pierce has been pretty quiet through the first two games of the series, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be hearing from him soon enough.

Paul Pierce knows his time will come -

"I’m playing within the system," Pierce said. "Like I told y’all before, I just try to give the game what I think it needs. Being able to knock down open shots and spread the floor, play good defense on LeBron (James), that’s it."

I think he's doing a pretty good job and slowing down LeBron from time to time (which is about all you can ask).

While some have attributed James' Game 2 struggles to his mysterious elbow woes, Pierce thinks there are other reasons.

"It's a combination of our team defense and what adjustments we make," Pierce said. "I really don't know what's going on in his body or anything. But I think our defense has something to do with it."

That's the Captain for you, not taking credit or even singling out individual efforts, but giving credit to the team.

I think his offense is going to come around too.  He's been settling for jumpers a bit much but it only takes a couple to fall for him to get into his groove.  I was at that game 7 in Boston 2 years ago where he bested LeBron in their Bird-'Nique like shootout.  I know he's still got plenty of swagger left and I'm expecting big things this Friday.

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