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The Blockbusters That Didn't Happen

Can't find a link to it, but in this week's Sports Illustrated magazine, there is a story on the Celtics written by Ian Thompson. In it he drops this rumor of a couple of deals that didn't happen (but were talked about).

In February the Celtics discussed a makeover that would have dealt Allen to the Wizards for a package involving forward Caron Butler, followed by a second blockbuster that would have sent center Kendrick Perkins and other salaries to the Jazz for power forward Carlos Boozer - leaving Boston with a revamped lineup of Garnett, Boozer, Pierce, Butler, and Rondo. The idea died when the Wizards moved Butler to the Mavericks instead, but it's an example of Ainge's willingness to consider anything.

That would have been quite the haul. I'm not sure how far along the various sides were on those deals and it isn't clear what the other pieces were, but it certainly would have been a bold roster shakeup. They would have been younger and perhaps better suited to compete for the next few years.

Don't get me wrong, the current group has the advantage of knowing each other very well and knowing the defensive system. But this is their last shot. We can only guess at what next year will bring.

Another interesting anecdote from the story was an account where Doc asked Rondo to take fewer shots and feed KG and Pierce more when they were getting back from injury.

"Rondo did it with no problem, he was great," said Rivers. "The problem was the other two weren't ready. And Rondo was still [feeding them]. On the one hand he understood, but he was like, Man, we're going to them even though they can't even move."

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