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Take Care of the Ball

Caption This
Caption This

There are a few weaknesses that keep cropping up for this team.  One is rebounding but they've actually done pretty good on the glass in this series (they lead 84-73).  Another is foul trouble but what are you going to do?  You're playing LeBron James.

One thing that they need to focus on, however, is the turnover issue.  Now keep in mind, some turnovers are inevitable for a team that likes to make the extra pass and is rightfully trying to dictate the action with good team play.  It is better than a guy pounding the ball into the court for 20 seconds and then forcing up a bad shot.

With that said, there are many turnovers that are just plain careless or reckless plays that the Celtics have to cut down on.  Doc Rivers agrees.

Another point of emphasis on offense will be taking care of the ball. The C’s averaged 17.5 turnovers in the first two games, and though they managed a split, Rivers knows they’re playing with fire. "If you turn the ball over, you should just give them two points because that means LeBron (James) is in the open court by himself," Rivers said. "There’s not a lot of options on stopping that."

The C's have turned it over 34 times (the Cavs have just 25) in the first two games.  They need to reduce that number if they want to keep up the momentum of game 2.

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