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Celtics Memorabelia That Is A *Little* Cooler Than Everything Else

Brian Scalabrine never looked so dignified, via <a href="">Catalina Viejo</a>
Brian Scalabrine never looked so dignified, via Catalina Viejo

This is maybe the coolest Celtics-related thing I have, probably since the 'why-err hangahhhh'. Actually, I'm wrong. It's the coolest thing since Delonte West described his perfect romantic evening with a lady friend.

This is like, Andy Worhol cool, but 2.5x2.5 inches of it.

A Boston area artist and Spanish ex-pat, Catalina Viejo, has taken it upon herself to make more than a dozen miniature portraits of your and my favorite basketball players, the Boston Celtics.

What better way to spruce up your house roughly five square inches at a time than with one of these mini paintings?

You can't buy them yet however, because they are being featured at the Lot F Gallery under their 'Salad' exhibit.

See more of the minis after the jump!

My favorite is probably this Rasheed Wallace classic right here, but if you will direct your attention to the right, you will see an absolute masterpiece of Glen Davis fro-harkery.

Thanks to

Ball Don't Lie for the original find.



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