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Meanwhile, In Orlando Kool-Aid Is Flowing

Go ahead and believe your own hype.
Go ahead and believe your own hype.

From the Orlando Sentinel (via TrueHoop)

"This is probably going to get me kicked out of the National Consortium of LeBron-Worshipping Media Members. ESPN's Bill Simmons will no doubt tell his army of Twitter followers what a backwoods buffoon I am. David Stern may even try to fine me $35,000 for 'Columnizing unbecoming of the NBA's best interests.' So be it. It has to be said: The Orlando Magic, after Thursday night's 112-98 blowout of the Atlanta Hawks, are now the team to beat for the remainder of the NBA playoffs. You heard me. Not Kobe and the Lakers. Not LeBron and the Cavs. Not the latest flavor du jour out west -- the Phoenix Suns. But the Orlando Magic. I realize there is still six weeks of playoff basketball remaining in NBA's never-ending postseason, but right now -- at this very moment -- the Magic should be favored to win the championship. Why are they the team to beat, you ask? Well, let's start with this: Because nobody's beaten them. Because they are the only unbeaten team left in the playoffs."

Yeah, umm.  I don't think I'd go that far.  The Magic have had the easiest road thus far in part because they match up so well against the Hawks.  I hope they do sweep the Hawks right out of the playoffs.  First of all, once we beat the Cavs, we won't have to play the Hawks.  Secondly, the Magic will start believing in all the hype and patting themselves on their backs.  When they face a real veteran team like the Celtics, they'll be under-prepared.  Besides, I want payback for last year with a healthy KG in place.

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