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All Tied Up

Glen Davis and a little defense were key in this one.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Glen Davis and a little defense were key in this one. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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We've got ourselves a three-game series, ladies and gentlemen.

  • For the fourth consecutive game, the team that won the rebounding battle, won the game. The Celtics out-rebounded the Lakers in this one, 41-34. 16 of those 41 rebounds for Boston were of the offensive brand. 
  • You really can't say enough about Boston's bench in this one. Glen Davis, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, and Rasheed Wallace teamed up 
  • Glen Davis was an absolute monster tonight. He put in 18 points and brought in five rebounds, but it was more about the manner in which he tallied his statistics. He was tenacious on both ends of the floor, with four of those five rebounds coming on the offensive end. Effort, effort, effort. And a little drool, for good measure. Can we start calling him Big Game Baby? 
  • Doc Rivers always said Nate Robinson would win the Celtics a playoff game. He helped do that in Game 6 against the Magic, but followed it up with a 12-point effort tonight that was pivotal to the team's success. I don't think I've ever seen someone celebrate after every single basket he makes. He's putting Lucky to shame right now. He should play with the T-Shirt cannon in one hand and shoot them out to the crowd while other guys shoot free throws. 
  • Ray Allen stepped out of his shooting slump, sort of. I mean, he technically only had to hit one shot for that to happen. He took 11 shots and made just four of them, so it wasn't perfect, but we'll take it. He finished with 12 points. This was the ninth game this season in which Ray scored in double figures after shooting 25 percent or less from the field in the previous game. He's nine for nine in these scenarios. 
  • Andrew Bynum was limited to just 12 minutes tonight and grabbed just three rebounds. That right knee of his might finally be catching up with him. 
  • Rajon Rondo managed just three assists tonight, but add that to the list of things the bench bailed out tonight. 
  • Celtics made all but four of their free throws (19-23), measuring out to 82.6 percent. 
  • This win clearly sets up a pivotal Game 5. Both teams have an opportunity to go up 3-2 in the series and head back to Los Angeles with two chances to capture the NBA championship. 

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