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Daily Links 6/14

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Nate was great
Nate was great

Herald    Together Celtics stand on Kobe Bryant
Celts must show character to Beat LA
Celtics one win away from 18th banner
Truly a Big Celtics victory
Doc Rivers rises above Jackson’s jabs
Celtics Final stage in L.A.
As game progresses, so does Rajon Rondo
Son shines for Ray Allen
John Havlicek’s with this team
Celtics Final Word chat
Blame it all on Lamar Odom
Lakers hope home serves them better
Celtics fans knew win was in the air
Scammed teacher exacts revenge on alleged scalper
Game 5 earns best preliminary rating since 2004
Globe   Game 5 final: Celtics 92, Lakers 86
Celtics-Lakers Game 5 reaction
The play of the game
Barkley a GM? Hall of Famer wants last word
Allen makes right moves
Bryant defensive after starring role
Garnett knuckles down in crunch time
Star’s masterpiece can’t produce a victory
Celtics love Rondo’s rise
More proof there are no pushovers in series
Celtics one win away from an 18th title
Globe 10.0 - Who is the Celtics MVP?
Chris Gasper's analysis of Game 5
Pierce fought fire with desire
Group effort
Finals are far from over

CelticsBlog    Celtics Take Game 5: One Win for #18
Celtics are Just One Win Away
Celtics Out-Duel Kobe in the Third Quarter
Celtics Green    Comments from the Other Side - Lakers Game 5 6/13
Random Thoughts After Game 5 Win
ESPN    2010 NBA Finals: Kobe Bryant can't do it alone
Former NBA Sixth Man of the Year Rodney Rogers battles paralysis with slim hopes for recovery
Game 5: Day-after chat
The Celtic bench will not calm down
2010 NBA Playoffs: Los Angeles Lakers lose defense in Game 5
Celtics 92, Lakers 86: Kobe explodes, Lakers implode
Now Performing: Paul Pierce
Pregame notes: Last call at Garden
First impressions: Celtics 92, Lakers 86
Postgame notes: Pierce, Rondo clear the air
2010 NBA Finals: Ray Allen's son OK after scare over the weekend
2010 NBA Finals: The gift of unpredictability   Lakers Getting Punk’d?
There’s No ‘D’ In LA
Celtics on verge of putting a historical hurting on L.A.
Celtics survive 'Black Mamba' strike, own 3-2 series lead
Perkisabeast     Ubuntu – the essence of being human
Red's Army    One more win
Your Morning Dump... Where everything is going according to plan
Enemy Chatter: Our Ball Hog loses sight of everyone else
Inside the Rondo #LooseBall contest
Everything is better in slow motion
Celtics Hub     The Spurs Coaching Tree
As Big As It Gets: Game 5 Open Thread
Anything is Possible? Celtics 92, Lakers 86
The Toughest Win
Lakers Lacking (Assist)ance
NESN    Lamar Odom Says Fan Launched Small Vodka Bottle Onto Court
Kobe Bryant's One-Man Show in Game 5 Not Worthy of Too Much Praise
Phil Jackson's Mic'd Up Speech Calls Out Celtics, Reminds Us That 'Stats Are for Losers'
Celtics Beat Lakers in Game 5 at TD Garden, Take 3-2 Lead in NBA Finals
Celtics Center Kendrick Perkins Playing With 'Self-Discipline' In NBA Finals
Paul Pierce Comes Up Big When Celtics Need Him Most
Celtics Prevail Despite First-Half Breakdown in Communication
Celtics Withstand Kobe Bryant's 38-Point Onslaught, Team Up to Take 3-2 Series Lead
Paul Pierce Scores 27 Points, Celtics One Win From 18th NBA Title
Doc Rivers-Phil Jackson Coaching Matchup Becoming Interesting Storyline in NBA Finals
Enterprise    CELTICS NOTEBOOK: Allen had family issue to deal with before Game 5
Pierce homes in another NBA title as Celtics head to California
Loscy   Celtics 1 Win Away From 18
North Station Sports    Boston Celtics: Welcome Home #18
The Truth Steps Up, C's Light Up, Lakers Blown Up 92-86
NBA Finals: The latest Play for the Celtics History Books
NBA Finals: Game Five Remarks from Both Sides
Celtics Town    Morning Walkthrough: We beats me
Lamar Odom gets vodka bottle thrown at him
Tony Allen swallows Pau Gasol’s shot
Rondo’s monster tip-in over Lamar Odom
Kobe Bryant, I would hate to play with you
Video: Paul Pierce’s big night
Caption This: Dances with ball
Celtics Life    Pierce steps up as Celtics defeat Lakers 92-86
Celtics/Lakers Post Game Videos (Finals Game 5)
Celtics 92, Lakers 86, Game 5 Highlights
What the Hell Happened to...Reggie Hanson?
Finals Game 5 Mini-Movie
Banner 18?     1 more...
Gino's Jungle     One... Win... Away
Ray Allen's Shot Clock Violation?
I want to see this Kobe Bryant face again Tuesday
Phil Jackson adds fuel to the fire
Reminder: Ray Allen still hasn't hit a three since Game 2
NBA Finals Game 5 Officiating Grade
Goosebumps Galore!
Big Baby=Jessica Alba?
Celtics Stuff Live     Gold Rarities Postgame Show: The Finals - Game 5
The Switcheroo: Ray to Rajon - and Ray Stays!
Rivalry Renewed    Great shooting lifts Boston to Game 5 Win
SB Nation   One Win Away: Celtics Too Much For Kobe Bryant's Lakers In Game 5, Take 3-2 Series Lead
LA Times    The Boston Celtics' Ray Allen and his three-point-shooting 'curse'
Bleacher Report    Rajon Rondo's Shove on Ron Artest Pushes Lakers in 3-2 Hole
I Hate The Boston Celtics
Celtics vs. Lakers Game 5: The Referees Take Center Stage at NBA Finals
Five Reasons the Boston Celtics Have LA Lakers Fans Trembling
My NBA Finals Diary: Paul Pierce Conceitedly Confident (Game 5)
2010 NBA Finals: In the Forum and Allen vs. Odom
Why Lamar Odom Isn't the Key To a Lakers Game Six Win
Slam Online   Vodka Bottle Thrown at Lamar Odom from Crowd?
Video: Paul Pierce’s Amazing Catch & Pass to Rondo
Ray Allen’s Last Games as a Celtic?
Boston Sports U18   Boston 92, Los Angeles 86: Pierce-ing victory; Celtics win critical Game 5, take 3-2 lead
The Celtics Give a Vintage Performance in Game 5
WBZTV   Boston Celtics Fans Become Victims Of Ticket Scams
NECN       'Aztec Gino', Celtics fans pumped for final home game
Examiner    Celtics VS. Lakers Lamar Odom the buzz in local bars green or blue?
Tim Donaghy grades refs, reveals secrets during NBA finals
Celtics one win away from crown after 92-86 win over Lakers; LeBron behind Cavs pursing Izzo?
Sports Channel     From NBA D-League to NBA Finals for Oliver Lafayette
Fan House    Tony Allen Wants to Stay With Celtics
Celtics Win Without the Best Players, Just the Best Team
Celtics Win Without the Best Players, Just the Best Team
Toronto Sun    Rivers keeps Celts flowing
NY Daily News   Celtics hold off late charge from Kobe Bryant and Lakers, take 3-2 lead in Finals
Indy Posted   Who is Rajon Rondo and Why Isn’t He Getting Big Endorsement Bucks?
Sporting News    Celtics F Paul Pierce: 'Showing off my Randy Moss and my Tom Brady'
Dimemag     Paul Pierce Delivers The Dagger
WEEI    The Three-Pointer: The Celtics had to win, and they did ... somehow
Another diabetic scare for Ray Allen's son
Celtics reclaim the paint and the series
Washington Post    Game 5 could be final home appearance for several Boston Celtics
ProJo    Perkins playing smarter basketball
In crunch time, Artest blows his opportunity
Lakers don't sound worried, but they should be
Rajon Rondo — from weak link to superstar
Highlight pass caps spectacular night for Pierce
Celtics Journal: Bynum was playing, bad knee or not
Celtics 92, Lakers 86: With Game 5 win, Boston closes in on 18th title
Rajon Rondo Game Five press conference
Rondo sticks up for KG
Kobe Bryant Game Five press conference
Kobe remains cool, confident of comeback
Paul Pierce Game Five press conference
USA Today    Artest gets into the act, and then some, with Rondo's shove
LA Times    Celtics' Kevin Garnett soars as Lakers' Pau Gasol struggles
Lakers turn Celtics back into contenders
Paul Pierce cuts off Lakers at the pass
Lakers' Ron Artest blows chance to help
Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum, Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo discuss Lakers' 92-86 Game 5 loss to Celtics
Kobe Bryant's one-act show gave the Lakers the best chance to win in an otherwise disappointing loss to Boston
When push comes to shove, the Lakers fail to answer
Lakers make losing look effortless
Lakers need a home run after Game 5 loss to Celtics
Lakers' Kobe Bryant has no use for teamwork
Yahoo    SL: Kobe too much, but not enough; Doc's last home game? - Ball Don't Lie
Celtics handle Kobe onslaught and lead Lakers 3-2
You Been Blinded   Video of Ron Artest Flop after Rondo Push
Five Tool Tool   Lakers - Celtics Game Five: We're All So Ready For This To Be Over
Patriot Ledger   Celtics beat Lakers to move within one win of the NBA championship
Google    Rivers could be facing homecourt swan song
CSN-NE    Allen's son fine after diabetic scare
Notes: Pierce cuts into Lakers defense with ease
Jackson: Celtics 'know how to lose'
We not Me: Team efforts beats individual heroics
Curran: Celts make the most of a must-win
Green House effect: Celtics win Game Five
We not Me: Team efforts beats individual heroics
Telegram     Perkins learning how to play nice
Bryant's big show not quite enough
One win away
My Lakers    Lakers 86, Celtics 92: Finals Game 5 Twitter Diary
MetroWest Daily    Celtics Notebook: C's don't fear the road
Courtside View: NBA superstars falling to Boston
Celtics 92, Lakers 86: C's close in on Title 18
Fox Sports     Rivers' change in plan saved Celtics' season
Washington Post    NBA Finals: Boston Celtics beat Los Angeles Lakers to take 3-2 series lead
NY Times    Celtics 92, Lakers 86 - Help for Pierce Finally Comes, and Celtics Take Control
Silver Screen and Roll    Lakers 86, Celtics 92: Kobe Stands Alone
NBC Sports     Wilstein: Celtics’ teamwork trumps Lakers’ Kobe show
CBS News   Cinderella Kobe Bryant Undone by His Ugly Laker Sisters
Sporting News   Phil Jackson Caught Reminding His Lakers Of The Celtics
CT News    
Paul Pierce Leads Celtics to Victory: One More To Go
Hoopsmarket   Boston Celtics could have made an offer for Semih Erden
Seattle PI     And It was written, "Jesus (Shuttlesworth) would Bruise the head of the Serpant (Black Mamba)."
Cape Cod Online    NBA Finals: Series defies logic

Self-Destructive Tendencies
CT News     Paul Pierce Leads Celtics to Victory: One More To Go
Hoopsmarket   Boston Celtics could have made an offer for Semih Erden
Seattle PI     And It was written, "Jesus (Shuttlesworth) would Bruise the head of the Serpant (Black Mamba)."
Cape Cod Online    NBA Finals: Series defies logic