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This Is History

Couldn't resist one last reminder.  This night will go down in history.  Win or lose, you will be telling your children and grandchildren about this night.

15 years from now, when two teams have a few spirited 2nd round series matchups and people start referring to it as a "rivalry" you'll just shake your head.  15 years from now, when the Celtics go through a losing streak and some young buck tells you that it is "over" and they are "done" you can point to this year and say, "not yet."

We spend countless hours on this site and ones like it debating what this team should do and what they just did and what we hope they'll do in the future.  All that points to moments like this.  This is it.  This is what we hope and pray for.  This is what the players sweat and bleed for.  This is the moment that makes it all worth it.

This is history in the making.

Celtics.  Lakers.  Game 7.  Bring it.

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