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Just Not Enough

Sad ending to an epic story.
Sad ending to an epic story.

4 points.  That's how close we came to winning the Championship.  It was a great run, but it fell just that much short.

I'll be replaying this one in my head for a long time.  So many missed opportunities.  So many offensive rebounds given up.  So many open looks for Ray that didn't go in.  A 12 point lead in the 2nd half.

  • As painful as it is to do it, I have to tip my cap to the Lakers.  They executed when they needed to.  I hate writing that.
  • Horrible shooting night for Kobe but our lack of scoring let him stay in the game with an opportunity to win it.
  • I guess Sasha gets some amount of revenge for that Ray Allen drive in 08 by sinking the clinching free throws.  That hurts.
  • It was an ugly, slosh it out game, but I figured that would be advantage-Celtics.  As it ended up, I was wrong.
  • In truth, we have some desperation 3's to thank for it being as close as 4 points.  Those were the only 3's that Rondo and Sheed hit all night and only the 2nd Ray hit.  Love the effort, just not enough.
  • I won't say that the C's got out-worked, even though the Lakers killed on the boards.  The C's were diving on the floor going after any and all loose balls.  They just didn't box out enough to overcome the Lakers' length.
  • Yeah, injuries happen, but boy did we miss Perkins in the last two games.
  • Ron Artest was brought in to beat us.  Mission accomplished (against all odds).
  • Rasheed Wallace was brought in to beat the Lakers.  Mission not accomplished (though he came closer to it than any of us would have thought a few months agao).
  • Credit the Laker defense, but the Celtics offense just couldn't get going tonight.  Doc was imploring the team with "movement, movement, movement!"
  • I kept waiting for Rondo to step up and take over.  He had 14 points, 10 assists, and 8 rebounds, but I still feel like he could have done more.
  • Good effort by KG for the most part.  Nice fill in work by Baby and Sheed.  Again, just not enough.

Man, if a couple of Ray shots fall...  If a couple of rebounds bounce to us...  If Ron Artest doesn't hit that 3 in the 4th...

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  It was close, but no cigar.  Sorry Red, we'll get 'em next time.

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