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Early Rumblings on the Futures of Doc, Rasheed, and Ray

It's shaping up to be a busy offseason, and we here at CelticsBlog will of course have you covered. While we'll obviously have much more on the futures of the various coaches and players who might not return next season as the weeks progress, here are just the first few rumblings surrounding Doc Rivers, Ray Allen, and Rasheed Wallace.

Let's start with Doc, who has pondered the idea of leaving in order to spend more time with his family. Via ESPN Boston:

Pressed on his future, Rivers noted: "I don't know. I'm going to wait. I'm going to go and watch my kids play AAU basketball, and I'm going to wait for a little bit."

His players, however, want to see him back on the sidelines next season:

Asked what Rivers meant to Boston's success, Garnett noted, "Doc's everything. Everything.

"I think everyone wants him back; that's not even an issue. It's just a matter of whether Doc wants to come back and whatever decision he sees fit for himself and his family."

Echoed captain Paul Pierce: "I'd love to see Doc back. He's one of the greatest coaches in the NBA."

Asked if he had said anything to Rivers to encourage him to stay, Pierce noted he hadn't. But then made an impromptu pitch.

"I'll do it right now," Pierce said, looking into the cameras in front of him. "I hope he comes back."

Ray Allen Maintains Stance He Wants to Be Here

As for Ray Allen, who will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, he reported the following when asked about his future with the Celtics:

"I'll deal with that when the times comes, but it's obvious that I don't want to be anywhere else," said Allen, who labored through 3-of-14 shooting, while scoring 13 points in 45 minutes of action.

Questions about the type of contract Allen might ask for, both in terms of longevity and dollar value, come to mind. How much money will he be looking for? Will a multi-year deal worth less money, with the allure of job security and continuity, be worth more than a higher paycheck? 

UPDATE: Chris Mannix reports this rumor about what Ray's looking for:

Multiple league executives believe Allen will be seeking a three- or four-year deal between $8 million to $10 million annually, with teams like New York or New Jersey looming as candidates to offer it. It's that potential price tag that had the Celtics shopping Allen at midseason.

Chris Forsberg also had this nugget from Allen back in February:

"I'd like to be here," Allen said in February. "There's no reason to be any other place. I'd love to retire with this organization. [But] that's up to the team. I want to be here. This team has proven over the decades to be a winner, one of the best in sports, and that's what this organization plans to do. I'm committed to it."

Rasheed to Retire?

Rasheed Wallace filled in for Kendrick Perkins as well as anyone could have hoped for last night. He finished with 11 points and eight rebounds before fouling out late in the fourth quarter. His three-pointer from the left wing with 1:23 left gave the Celtics a breath of life, but afterwards, there was talk of it being 'Sheed's final game in the NBA. Via A. Sherrod Blakely of

Even with two years remaining on his contract, Wallace is willing to at least consider retirement.

A former teammate of Wallace's contacted by who spoke with him recently, said he believes Wallace will "hang up his sneaks after this year."

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said essentially the same thing during his postgame press conference.

"I don't know if Rasheed will ever play again," Rivers said. "I think he is thinking about retiring, and I thought you could see that in his play."

After the game, Rasheed apparently tried accessing the officials' dressing room to bid the referees farewell. 

A league source close to Wallace confirmed Thursday night that he was going to tell Crawford and the other officials that he was "probably" going to retire, and just wanted to say his goodbyes to them and let them know that there are no hard feelings.

Regarding the terms of Rasheed's contract, should he retire, Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports:

If Rasheed Wallace(notes) retires, his $6.3 million salary would be wiped off the team payroll next season and aid hopes of re-signing Allen.

As mentioned above, we'll obviously have much more on all of these respective situations as they continue to develop.