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Thank You

Just wanted to extend a warm, heartfelt, bearhug of a thank you to all the CelticsBlog readers, commentors, diehards, newbies, lurkers, moderators, authors, and everyone else that makes this place special.  You have been a joy to enjoy the games with and I consider myself extremely luck to be part of something like this.

The community that has grown here is mind boggling to me and the whole thing is very humbling to me personally. 

You guys really get it.  You get what we're trying to do here and you've embraced it with open arms.  That's what makes this place truly special.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and for sharing your time, words, wisdom, and friendship with us here at CelticsBlog.

Of course, we encourage you to stick around for what's sure to be a very adventurous offseason.  But this felt like a good time to post this.

Jeff Clark


(note: other mods and authors are welcome to add to this post)

Just also wanted say thanks to Jeff and G17 for running a tight ship all year. They're the guys behind the scenes that readers don't know about who handle most of the logistics and stuff. Also wanted to say thanks to the "War" Room regulars and chat mods for creating a solid environment to commiserate/enjoy games. - IndeedProceed


It feels kind of like you're a professional boxer; still in the ring after 10+ rounds of getting stomped, hooked and uppercutted (if that is even a word!) We're still standing, wobbly, and want to continue, but the refs won't let us; we're done for. We lost. As we open our eyes a bit more, and adjust to the darkness of outside the ring, we can see that out there is the real reason we get beat up - the fans and the guys in our corner.

This community means a lot to everyone on the staff. As a new mod, I was really impressed with how things are ran here, so a big up to all the other mods for doing that for year upon year upon year. And of course, a major tip o' the hat to Jeff, but really, what makes this community, is the crowd itself.

I applaud you, Celticblog visitors, and let's make 2010-2011 a redeem season.

Cheers, Dirk / Kio


It really has been an enjoyable year here in the Blog...frustrating... occasionally, fascinating... sometimes, humbling...often, but almost always fun and enjoyable to interact with so many fans with such different takes on the same events! Now withdrawal starts...with small reprieves (summer games, preseason camp) . The habit of checking in to the Blog ten times a day is a hard one to break! No more scheduling social events so that they don't interfere with Chat duties. But...I will miss all of that dearly, and look forward to the start of next season and a new run at the Championship! That, after all, is always the ultimate goal. If I don't bump into you in here this summer, I hope you will all be back to cheer and /or commiserate next fall.

Danny, work your magic again over the summer! Perk, heal quickly! Team, I am proud of all of you and how you came through injuries this year. Hopefully next year will bring health and success.

- thirstyboots18


I really want to echo the thoughts of those posted above and offer my own heartfelt thank you to everyone for being so welcoming through my first season with the site. I had my own blog going for a while, but Jeff and co. were kind enough to invite me over to CelticsBlog and it's been one of the best decisions I have made in some time. I love the atmosphere of this website, I love the personalities, and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all of you. This last season was a great one, and I look forward to an equally intriguing offseason as we gear up for next season's run at another championship. We've just been letting the Lakers borrow our trophy these last two seasons. But we'll be ready to take it off their hands next year. 

-Greg Payne

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