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What Jinx? We're Sending A Fan To The Finals!

You may recall that back in January we ran a contest in partnership with OptionIt.  The prize: 2 tickets to see the Celtics in this year's Finals!

Many mocked me for overconfidence and when the team went south, I admit, I started thinking that I might have jinxed the team.  Of course then I remembered that I'm not Bill Simmons and neither of us has any impact on the outcome of games ...right?

Well, against all odds and basketball gods, the Celtics are in the Finals and that lucky fan (Richard Wentworth) is headed to the Garden to watch game 3.  Here's his reaction to the news:

As if I needed any more reasons to love CelticsBlog!

To see the Celtics battle the Lakers in the finals is a dream come true. Big thanks to CB and OptionIt for making this happen!

CelticsBlog is my favorite place on the web for Celts discussion and in-depth analyses about every aspect of this team, so it's really special to be receiving such an amazing prize here. I may not pipe up in the forums too much, but I am always reading and learning, and my appreciation of the Celtics has only deepened as a result of the fantastic CelticsBloggers who share my passion for this little team of ours.

This is all just a long-winded way of saying: Thank you CelticsBlog! I'll be attending this game as a proud member of the CelticsBlog community -- home of the best fans in the NBA.

And another thanks to OptionIt for sponsoring this contest... you guys rock!




Another big thanks to OptionIt for giving us the opportunity to brighten one fan's day and then some.