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What Will Ray Cost?

I want Ray back. I believe the team wants Ray back. Many of you want Ray back. But with free agency, it often boils down to dollars and cents. So what's it going to cost? Maybe not as high as you might think.

For Celtics, it’s back to business -

One league official recently placed Allen’s value on the wildly competitive free agent market at approximately mid-level exception range, or about $5.6 million. This takes into account the number of premium players who will be contending for max contract money, the number of second-tier free agents and even some thought to be max-level honing in on Rajon Rondo [stats]-level money, or roughly $11 million per season. Allen’s value, however, could be on the rise, especially for a contender like Cleveland that is expected to embark on a serious search for outside shooting help.

I've also heard the Miami Heat mentioned as a destination - which makes a lot of sense if Wade can recruit some top tier talent to Miami.

As for the Boston offer, like I mentioned before, I think matters more what the years are than what the dollars are. I don't think the team will want to go past 2 years on any deal, but we'll see.

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