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Bring Back Some Familiar Faces

I don't know about you, but with so many openings on our roster, I can't help but think about filling those holes with some guys that left town in recent years.

Here are some guys I wouldn't mind seeing make a return trip to Boston.

Ryan Gomes - Ainge seemed legitimately broken up to include him in the KG deal. He was a great guy and I always liked his tweener game. If used properly he could be a real asset. He's on the books for 3 more years and there were rumors of a buyout of his contract last year. His deal is only guaranteed for $1M so if the Wolves want to save money and clear space for free agents, he could be set free.

Al Jefferson - The T-Wolves are shopping him, the time could be ripe. Sure, he doesn't play much defense and he has trouble staying healthy, but nobody in the game has more post moves than this guy and we could really use a guy down low. Maybe a Ray Allen sign and trade (with Sheed's contract for filler)?

Bill Walker - We need youth, athleticism, and a guard/forward to spell our old timers. Hey, wasn't that what we said he could provide last year? Doc couldn't find room for him, but maybe a year of experience and a few opportunities to get playing time with the Knicks will open things up for him. I think he could be had with a minimum deal but we'll see.

Eddie House - Hey, you can never have too many sharpshooters. This seems less likely since he's a bit out of the minimum range these days and D'Antoni seems high on him.

Leon Powe - Said it all along, he should have been signed to a make-good contract. Yeah, he didn't exactly contribute much this year, but neither did Shelden Williams. Now Powe has had some time to recover. He's not a free agent, but if he gets cut, I'd like Danny to right this wrong.

Delonte West - I'm a little less excited (and a little less serious) about this since his personal life has taken a few really odd twists and turns. With that said, if he could find a good shrink in Boston, he's got a sweet stroke, a great all-out effort game, and might be the best quote in the league.

Also see: J.R. Giddens, Lester Hudson, Mike Sweetney, and hey how about that Joe Johnson guy?

Failing to make the list: Mark Blount, Mikki Moore, and Patrick O'Bryant

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