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Draft Primer: Wings

We've looked at Big Men and Point Guards, but we haven't looked at the wings yet.  Luckily someone else has done the work for me!  So say thank you to Paul Flannery for the following breakdown:

Green Street " Celtics draft prospects

The Celtics have lacked depth on the wings since James Posey left. Tony Allen fulfilled his defensive promise but will be a free agent on July 1, while Marquis Daniels never quite fit. Ainge will be looking for help here either in free agency or the draft. It's an area of need but probably not as pressing as a big man.

At this point it seems likely that Luke Babbitt, Paul George, Gordon Hayward and Xavier Henry will be gone by the time the C's pick. If any of them fall they would represent good value based on their projections.

James Anderson: Anderson pulled off a neat trick at Oklahoma State. He was basically the whole show offensively and yet he shot a high percentage and grades out as an efficient scorer. This bodes well for his pro career and he should be able to step in a provide offense for whoever drafts him.

Quincy Pondexter: Like Anderson, Pondexter put is an efficient scorer. He put in four years at Washington and his game is the better for it. Pondexter needs to work on his shooting. He had the ball in his hands a lot as a Huskie and it won't work that way in the NBA.

Damion James: One of the top-rated seniors in the draft James is almost a finished product, which is both good and bad. He's not quite big enough to be a four, but he's got good size for a three. He's a decent scorer and a good rebounder, but he lacks a great jump shot. He should be a solid player but what you see is likely what you will get.

Jordan Crawford: You may remember Crawford as the kid who dunked on LeBron James in summer camp or the Xavier guard who almost helped the Musketeers beat Kansas State in the Sweet 16. He's a bit of projection pick, but he's a good athlete and improving as a player. The question for him is can he be effective in the NBA without the ball in his hands.

Others: Dominique Jones (SG, South Florida), Grevias Vasquez (SG, Maryland).

I know our biggest need is at the center spot, but bigs are so hit or miss this late in the draft.  I might be happier if we just take a wing and hope he can take some of the load off Pierce and (hopefully) Ray Allen.  If Ray walks, this need becomes even greater.  Wings tend to be able to contribute faster anyway.

Of course when all is said and done, Danny will simply end up taking the stereotypical "best player available" - (which I hoping isn't some undersized power forward or shoot-first point guard).

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