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Who Could Be Doc's Successor?

Doc hasn't left yet, but he's leaning one way (and won't tell us which way that is - but I think we can take a guess).

So if he does leave, who do we replace him with?

Chris Mannix of SI was on WEEI yesterday talking coaching names and frankly some of the names scare me.

Green Street " Mannix on D&C:

The other thing that Danny likes is ex-players. … Obviously, if those guys are on the list then you have to start with his best buddy in Kevin McHale. I’m not a huge fan of Kevin McHale as a coach for several reasons. No. 1, his strong desire to coach is perplexing to me since Glen Taylor basically had to shove him to the bench several years ago, make him coach that year he basically made a mess of in Minnesota. … I didn’t think he was a great coach, to be honest with you. He had a decent run with a really bad team and he’s no question in my mind a terrific big-man coach. There’s nothing I would like more than him come in as a special assistant to Danny so he could just work with Kendrick Perkins every day. I think Vinny Del Negro is a name we’re going to hear a lot of. He’s got a good relationship with Danny and kind of has that head coaching experience that Danny’s looking for. I don’t think that Vinny is as personable as Doc, I don’t think he relates to players as Doc. … I think if the interview process gets drawn out, I think a guy like Sam Mitchell’s name is going to pop up on the radar. Sam, remember, is a former Coach of the Year in Toronto. A bit of an abrasive coach at times, didn’t always play well with others, if you will, but he does have a good reputation as far as getting the most out of players. One thing not to forget, Sam Mitchell has maybe the best relationship with Kevin Garnett of anybody in the NBA. … So I think that’s a distinct possibility as a coaching candidate down the road.

McHale wouldn't be terrible in the short term, but I don't see him as much of a long term solution.  Don't even talk to me about Vinny Del Negro.  I'm not a big fan of Sam Mitchell either.  If, like Manix says, both of them have a way of grating on players, how do they expect to coach Rajon Rondo who has butted heads with every coach that's ever coached him (at least at first)?  Bad idea.

Chris also mentioned Jeff Van Gundy (if he can be lured out of the broadcast booth), whom I like a lot.  Another name to consider for a short term fix is Armond Hill.  If the NBA is going to be locked out next year and we've got just one year of the core left, you could do worse than to promote Armond and hope for the best.  Then again, you could do better too.

Any more names I'm forgetting about?  Who would interest you?