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Celtics Select Luke Harangody With 52nd Overall Pick

The Boston Celtics selected Notre Dame forward Luke Harangody with the 52nd overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. The 6-8 senior averaged 21.8 points and 9.1 rebounds for Notre Dame last season.

A brief synopsis, courtesy of Draft Express:

Harangody's play this season on the offensive end is indicative of an effort to diversify what he could potentially offer at the next level. His scoring ability is unquestioned, although it should be noted that he also leads all NCAA players in field goal attempts. The senior, known for his bruising play at the rim, has become significantly more perimeter oriented. Harangody showed some range last season, shooting 37% on a little over one three-point attempt per game, but he's revamped his approach on the offensive end this season, nearly tripling the number of shots he's taking from beyond the arc. Haragody has looked to score using his spot up game more frequently, but he's only making 29.8% of the jump shots he's taking according to Synergy Sports Technology, down from almost 37.5% last season. Considering the struggles he will surely have at his size to score inside the paint against bigger, longer and more athletic NBA big men, this is not a positive development for his NBA draft stock.