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Coping By Moving Forward

Stiff upper lip.
Stiff upper lip.

It's hard to believe that a little more than a week ago we were up 13 points in the 2nd half of Game 7 and dreaming of Banner #18.  Since that 4th quarter fade (which had been happening all postseason and finally caught up with us at just the wrong time) we've been immersed in questions about the future.  Will Doc be back?  Can we afford Ray Allen?  Will Pierce opt out?  Will Perkins be traded? Who will Danny pick?

Personally I've welcomed all this offseason stuff with open arms.  Its a wonderful distraction.  I'm happily wandering along in some sort of self-induced fog of avoidance.  Kind of like when some people avoid conflict or any sort of confrontation.  Then inevitably it gets to be too much to hold in or avoid and the person snaps.  So I fully expect to be walking along somewhere, sometime in early August and just break into inconsolable sobs.  Or maybe let out a KG scream and punch a brick wall (then I'll really start to scream).

Hey, everyone deals with this stuff differently, but I've chosen to jump right into the offseason head first to avoid dealing with the pain.  Of course it helps that I'm a blogger and I do have a blog to run here.

With all that said, a little introspection tells me that I might just be able to avoid that whole sobbing/punching the wall thing after all.  I mean, the way I look at it, I've got two good reasons to feel strangely fine about this whole mess.

1. 2008 - Many fans don't get to experience a single title in their lives.  I grew up watching several and then waited 22 years for another, but it finally arrived and it was glorious.  Nobody can ever take that away from us.

2. By mid February and pretty much for the remainder of the season it looked like this team was cooked.  The gas had run out, the luck had tapped out, and there was only the smallest of chances that we'd do anything of note in the playoffs.  I didn't ever give up on the team and I didn't lower my hopes, but I did lower my expectations.  Basically the Finals run was pretty much gravy.

Does it hurt that we were so close and still lost?  Absolutely.  Does it hurt more that it came against the Lakers?  You betcha.  Not trying to downplay that at all.  I'm just saying that I am not personally crushed by the whole thing.

...well, at least I'm not now.  Check back with me in a month or so.  Hopefully I'm not typing in a cast.