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Shaq An Option

Shaq could replace Perkins
Shaq could replace Perkins

Big stretch for Celtics -

Think Chicago’s Brad Miller or maybe even Shaquille O’Neal, who soon may have absolutely no reason to return to Cleveland.

Those are two of the best options Ainge will have to plug the hole left by Kendrick Perkins [stats], who will be recovering from surgery to repair what is now believed to be the so-called triangle - tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.

"There's a lot of pretty important things we're going to get to in the first week," said Ainge,

I think that last quote by Ainge might be the most interesting one. Sounds like we'll be making some interesting moves that will impact our summer. At the very least, we'll be finding out about Doc soon and we'll know what Pierce is doing before July 1st.

"There's a lot of things to discuss," Ainge said. "We'll have to go over Paul's most important objectives and our plans. But I know Paul would like to remain a Celtic, and we would like for that to happen.

"I know this, though: I'm going to have a very busy month, even if I don't have a coaching search to worry about. It would be great to have everyone sign for another year, but we'll have to see."

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