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What If...?

There's not much else to do in these days of playing the waiting game other than to play the "what if..." game.   We've already talked about getting the gang back together and "re-loading" (with limited resources) for one more run with the starting 5 in tact (once Perk returns).  While that still would seem to be the most likely and "safe" scenario and it might even be the smartest plan, ...but what fun is that?

If you are a regular listener to the Celtics Stuff Live show, you'll know that Sean Grande talked a little about the possibility that Danny Ainge could make a huge splash this summer.  Now keep in mind, as Jon Duke said, "there is no trade checker for this offseason."  All the numbers are confusing and still up in the air.  So you may need to displace a little reality to ride with this.  I don't pretend to be Larry Coon's distant cousin or anything.  The closest I'll come is wearing a coonskin hat (what, those aren't in style anymore?).

But just for kicks and giggles, here are some far out there scenarios for you to chew on.

The Nuclear Option:

  1. Trade Kevin Garnett to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Peja Stojakovic.  The Hornets are looking to drop cash and would welcome Garnett in exchange for dropping the long term contract of Okafor.  Both teams get 2011-12 off from all these salaries anyways because of the impending lockout.
  2. Seeing KG gone, Pierce would likely opt out and take the biggest payday he can find elsewhere.  Consider that someone's going to miss out on the free agent bonanza and someone (looking at you Nets and Knicks) is going to have money to throw at someone.
  3. With those two pieces gone, you can say goodbye to Doc and Ray Allen as well.
  4. The team fields a bunch of rookies and retreads on one year deals and convinces Rondo to "play it safe with his chronic, ankle ...or something" problem and take a few months off.
  5. Lockout year
  6. Enter 2012-13 with a top lottery pick (postponed till the next year where the draft class will have an extra year of prospects), Rondo, Okafor and oodles and oodles of cap room.

Yeah, that pretty much sounds evil to me.  I feel icky just having written it.  Let's just move on.

The Eric Weiss Plan (as told to CSL's draft night audience)

  1. Pierce picks up his 1 year option and we trade him to New Orleans for Chris Paul and Okafor.  (yes, I stole the Hornets idea for my Nuclear option idea - so shoot me).
  2. Pierce gets bought out by the cheap Hornets and returns to the Celtics for the MLE.
  3. Celtics ship out Rondo and Perkins for assets to win now. 
  4. Re-sign Ray Allen.

Crazy?  Or just so sane that he just blew your mind???  Yeah, probably crazy, but still fun for this exercise.

The Vin Baker Special (aka short term questionable gains with long term repercussions)

  1. Trade Kevin Garnett for Gilbert Arenas
  2. Trade Pierce for Elton Brand and filler
  3. Package Sheed and Perkins for Hedo Turkoglu
  4. Sign and trade Ray Allen for Rip Hamilton
  5. I can't go on, this hurts my soul.  Never speak of this again.

The Ridiculous Sign and Trade Pipedream

  1. Toronto signs and trades us Chris Bosh for Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis.
  2. We sign and trade Ray Allen to the Hawks that sign and trade Joe Johnson to us.  (I have no idea if this is legal.)

The All Fantasy Basketball Team (from 3 years ago)

  1. Re-sign Pierce and Ray
  2. Sign Shaq
  3. Sign Tracy McGrady
  4. Sign Allen Iverson
  5. Convince Sheed to play one more year.
Ok, clearly I'm running out of steam and creativity.  But hey, it was fun for me.  

Feel free to share your own silly or serious ideas.