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Daily Links 6/3

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Herald    Celtics have trainer Freddie Roach in their corner
Experience gives Rajon Rondo more confidence
Paul Pierce not playing ‘home’ games
Tony Allen ready to do his part
Technically, Kendrick Perkins walks a fine line
Celtics-Lakers matchups
Slowing down Rajon Rondo a top priority for Lakers
Andrew Bynum feeling swell

No rivalry to speak of
Doc Rivers uncovers team’s hidden treasure
California dreamin’? No way!
Byron Scott likes the Lakers
Jeff Van Gundy calls it as everyone sees it
Celtics fandom eager for storied rematch
Globe    Celtics resurgence inspires, motivates young players
Tougher because of transition
Flashback to the 1960s
Motivational ploy right on the money
Paradise found
Perkins respects Bynum's skill
Hidden motivation
Shaughnessy previews Game 1
For this Big Three, two is a huge number
Bryant in a must-win situation
Globe 10.0 - Sports video with Bob Ryan
NBA Finals chat with Gary Washburn at noon
10 things you should know about the Lakers

CelticsBlog    Bost: The Finals Chapter
Run Rondo Run!
Unfinished Business
Two For The Money
Thibodeau Updates
A Hater's Guide To The Lakers
Celtics Green    This Series More Brawl than Chess Match
It's Game Day- FINALLY!
Today's Official Report Finals Game 1 6/3
Perkisabeast   NBA Finals Preview Part One – The Crack Staff Reports
Red's Army   Celtics/Lakers NBA Finals Preview
Lakers need cash motivation to take charges
Doc can motivate using cash too
Your Morning Dump... The Celtics are healthy and ready
11 hours till game time.... Papi: KG pumps me up
10 hours till game time... I talk trash on an LA website
Green Street    NBA mock draft
Lakers get cash for drawing charges
Big Papi breaks down the NBA finals
Celtics Hub    The 3 Point Shooting Battle: Who Has The Edge?
Your Biggest Difference From The 08 Finals: Rajon Rondo
22 Hours To Go Notebook: Unlikely Finals Teams, Doc’s Cash Money, Those ‘69 Cs, And More!
Interesting Notes for an NBA Finals Morning
CH Podcast: Finals Preview
ProJo   Under Phil Jackson, Lakers have never lost when they've won Game One
Reasons for Celtics fans to hate the Lakers
Rondo will play a far different role for Celtics in these Finals
Celtics Journal: Boston bracing for a tougher fight this time around
Pierce says another title would validate him
Bill Reynolds: Celtics’ grit beats out Lakers’ glitz
Enterprise    A look at the NBA Finals matchups between the Celtics and Lakers
Celtics looking to add to franchise history against the Lakers
North Station Sports   Where Does Doc Place In The Boston Coaching Pantheon?
I Hate the Celtics
Injured, Old, Soft: Clearing up Lakers/Celtics Misconceptions
Doc Rivers: The Celtics' Master Motivator
Celtics Town   Kobe, Bynum sit out last practice before Finals
Celtics (pretty much) all healthy for Game 1: Thanks, Doc
Remember the Hawks debacle? Thibs says he didn’t freeze
Report: Thibodeau ‘almost guaranteed’ to become Bulls coach
Morning Walkthrough: KG-Gasol matchup is key
Lex Nihil Novi    Is KG Bill Russell?
Tony Gaffney Weighs In (remember him?)
Jesus Talks about the Rivalry
Celtics Life    KG is on a remarkable playoff run
Celtics/Lakers speak on the eve of Finals Game 1
Today's Video: Celtics-Rise of Legends Mix
Doc's $100 Motivational ploy pays Finals dividends
The dream has come true
Banner 18?   Do you believe.....?
Gino's Jungle   
Finals Preview w/ Rey Moralde
The Newest Chapter in the Rivalry

Celtics Stuff Live     Sudden Impact Pt. 2 – Celtics vs. Magic
Celtics Stuff Live Finals Predictions
Gold Rarities Postgame Show: The Finals - Game 1
ESPN   Celtics chats
Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers positon-by-position breakdown
Boston Celtics Paul Pierce talks about Los Angeles Lakers fans
Media day with Ron Artest
Practice report: TA ready for Kobe
Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Finals Q&A
2010 NBA Finals: Boston Celtics' story in 2010 is a seesaw tale
Celtics Lucky Charm, Tony Gaffney
Kevin Garnett should rattle Ron Artest's cage, because that makes good television for the rest of us
For Boston Celtics, is this their last chance to leave a legacy?
Lakers coach Phil Jackson points to Pau Gasol-Kevin Garnett matchup as key
Is NBA basketball fun?
Rewatching the 2008 NBA Finals
Intensity, leadership and bonds: Lakers practice report, video
Chat transcripts of interest...
Toughness: What it means for the Lakers and the Finals
Los Angeles Lakers' Andrew Bynum says fluid has returned to knee
Rivalry Renewed   The Power Forwards
Pro Basketball Talk    NBA Finals Predictions
Kevin McHale considers himself in the running for the Bulls' coaching job
LA Times   The gods must be crazy, er, happy about this one
How Rajon Rondo has come around
If at first they succeed, Phil Jackson's Lakers are perfect
Lakers, Celtics are better than their 2008 versions
Sorry, Lakers, but Torre's dirty little secret is out: He grew up a Celtics fan
You call this a rivalry?
Another chapter in storied rivalry between Lakers, Celtics
Paul Pierce is not completely green
Paul Pierce, Ron Artest discuss one-on-one matchup
Lakers have many defensive assignments to consider against Boston
Kevin McHale breaks down the NBA Finals
Bleacher Report    The Key For The Boston Celtics Will Be The Play Of Their Bench
The Lakers Don't Have That Smack Down Mentality
2010 NBA Finals: The Tipping Point On Rajon Rondo and Derek Fisher
Mercury News   Two years later, Lakers have edge over Celtics
Statesman   NBA finals will offer up crazy players, bench stars, but only one champ
JS Online    Lakers will win it in seven because Jackson, Bryant are great
NY Times  Doing the Math on Lakers-Celtics Tickets
Celtics Slowly Recovering From Injuries
Rajon Rondo Expands His Game, and the Celtics’ Success
Celtics Slowly Recovering From Injuries
Silver Screen and Roll    Lakers-Celtics: NBA Finals Statistical Preview
NBA Finals Positional Preview: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics
USA Today    NBA Insider: One more tech will be costly for Celtics' Perkins
Not an act: Celtics' Davis growing up and contributing
Toronto Sun    Coaching rumours swirl
NY Post   Thibodeau nixes Hornets, but Nets not top choice
CSN-NE    Perkins must play his game
Insurance policy: How Doc ensured a trip to L.A.
Bynum hurting, impact uncertain in Game One
Celtic Notes: C's need physical, composed Perkins
Rondo steering C's toward another title
Larry Brown Sports  NBA Finals Preview: Seven Things to Watch
Daily News    Like father, like daughter: Celtics patriarch Auerbach's daughter keeps Lakers dislike in family
Washington Post    NBA Finals: Lakers-Celtics matchups to watch
Celtics vs. Lakers: Legacies are on the line
FanHouse   There Is Phil, Zen Everybody Else
Duttons Brentwood    Top Five Tough Guys and Punks On Celtics and Lakers
Sports Channel   Tony Gaffney: Boston’s Secret Weapon?
NESN   After Long Layoff, Celtics and Lakers Finally Set to Take Court in Game 1 of NBA Finals
Top 10 Reasons Why This Celtics-Lakers Series Could Be Best Ever
Longtime Celtics Fan Vince Wilfork Ready for Banner No. 18
Celtics Live Blog: Quest for Banner No. 18 Begins
Rajon Rondo, Ron Artest the Key X-Factors in NBA Finals
Phil Jackson Offering $50 To Players For Every Offensive Charge Taken
Stopping Kobe Bryant, Athleticism of Celtics Will Be Key to Defeating Lakers   After days of hype, C's ready to begin Finals |
CBS News   Pierce has unique perspective on Laker-Celtic rivalry
OSC    Red Claws Assistant Named Idaho Head Coach
WEEI    Scal on Perkins: 'He won't' pick up 7th T
For starters, are they better than the Celtics of the 1980s?
Brian Scalabrine on WEEI
Mike Gorman on The Big Show on WEEI
Net Dugout   Paul Pierce Will Get His
Telegram   Celt surprise for Notre Dame grad
Artest, Pierce ready to get physical
Reuters    Ailing Bynum given green light to start against Celtics
Yahoo   Thibodeau says no to Hornets?
LeBron aims to upstage NBA Finals
News OK    Lakers-Celtics rivalry is more for the fans
Hangtime Blog   Doc’s $100 Challenge   Hornets want answer from Tom Thibodeau now or they'll move on
Eagle Tribune   Top dogs: Celtics, Lakers fight for supremacy
Fox News   Bryant makes incredible seem normal for Lakers
The Big Lead   Ron Artest Fondly Remembers Paul Pierce’s Days as a "Young, Hot Stud"
Dimemag    Grading The Offseason Moves: Rasheed Wallace vs. Ron Artest
Orlando Sentinel    Dwight Howard picks Celtics to beat Lakers (he thinks) on Twitter
Sporting News    Rajon Rondo Jokes About His Injury Status, Communicates the Truth About Playoff Health
Chicago Tribune   What politicians can learn from the Boston Celtics
NBC Sports   Garnett's knee not the same, but passion unchanged
OC Register   Lakers need more than "Ga-soft"
Time for Lakers' Bynum to step up
Kobe's all about winning, but especially now
Lakers vow to put up a fight vs. Celtics
Celtics rediscover winning ways
Tiger Weekly   Big Baby key to Boston success?
Mass Live   Celtics' playoff run proves Danny Ainge was right not to trade Ray Allen
Forum Blue and Gold    A Rivalry That Spans Generations…
USA Today   Bynum's knee refills with fluid after procedure
My Lakers    Doc Rivers Practice Quotes
Hoopsworld   NBA PM: Perkins Needs Control

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