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Game One Thud

Every rebound, every loose ball, every break seemed to go the Lakers way tonight.  They were the aggressors and they won because of it.

  • Kobe attacked the basket early and often.  No settling for jumpshots this time.
  • Lakers dominated the glass tonight.  In particular Pau Gasol, who totally outplayed Garnett.
  • I'll even give Ron Artest a lot of credit for being active on defense and being opportunistic on offense.
  • Rondo tried to carry the team early on but nobody else really stepped up.
  • Lots of C's in foul trouble in this one.  Not going to blame this on the refs, but I'm really not a fan of Joey Crawford.
  • Kevin Garnett looked bad, real bad.  He missed a number of bunnies, made bad decisions, bad passes, and was a step slow all night.  I'm worried that he might have gotten hurt sometime in the Magic series and didn't tell anyone about it.
  • Paul Pierce made a valiant effort to bring the team back in the 4th but it was too late.  The 3rd quarter killed us.
  • Lakers got us down and finished the job in the 4th.
Before we panic too much, we can still win game 2 and earn the split in L.A..  But they'll have to play a lot better.

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