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Need More From KG (Part 2)

Dear KG, the Finals started.  Please show up soon.
Dear KG, the Finals started. Please show up soon.

We went over this after game 1, but here we are again.  We were waiting for Kevin Garnett to take Pau to task for his comments (innocent or not) but Gasol simply continued his fantastic play and Garnett couldn't stop him. Its a good thing Kevin Garnett was able to salvage his night a little bit with some nice assists, but up to that point he looked dreadful.

To be fair, KG got into foul trouble early and wasn't able to establish any kind of rhythm, but you would think that he could have recovered quicker than he did.  Besides, it comes off sounding pretty lame.

"Obviously I would have liked to be in a better flow," Garnett said. "But fouls, it goes like that."

We can't count on Ray to prop us up with record breaking shooting and for Rondo to carry us with triple doubles every game.  We could use a little more scoring from Pierce but I'm a lot less concerned about that since he contributed in many other ways.  Garnett didn't do that till the last few minutes.

Honestly, I'm not even all that concerned with the scoring.  He could go 0-7 and still have a big impact if he grabbed rebounds and shut down (or even slowed down) the guys in the paint.  But that's not happening, and he looks bad out there.

With all that said, I'm nowhere near ready to give up on Garnett.  He's had slumps before (including in the '08 Finals) and he eventually snapped out of it (sometimes in a big way - like in game 6 that year).  I am holding out hope for a game or two like that.  Maybe he'll ride the emotion of the home crowd.  Maybe he'll find a hitch in his game by watching film and he'll make the appropriate adjustments.  Maybe it will just click.

Or maybe he's actually hurt or worn out or both.  Let's hope not.  Despite getting the split in L.A. and despite having the next 3 games at home, we're playing a team that is too good to face without all our heavy hitters clicking.

The story remains the same: We need more from KG.

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