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Upon Further Review: Comeback Falls Short

Down by 17 the Celtics got almost all the way back... almost.  The Lakers managed to hold off the late run and take game 3.

  • I guess Ray used up all his shots in game 2.  0-13 overall, 0-8 from 3.  I wonder how many extra practice shots he takes between games 3 and 4.  2,000?  3,000?
  • Garnett finally showed up.  He learned that you can't go over Gasol, so you have to go through him.  Great to see him back.
  • What can you say about Kobe Bryant?  The C's defended him really well and he still made lots of big shots.
  • 3 instant replays in the final minutes.  That's just odd.
  • Great effort by Big Baby.
  • Another low scoring night for Paul Pierce.
  • What would happen if all our stars had a good game all at the same time?  We'd win going away.  I'd like to see that sometime this series.  Soon please.
  • I hate it when Derek Fisher does Derek Fisher type stuff.  That guy is just amazing in the clutch.
  • Celtics just couldn't get stops down the stretch when they needed them most.
If Ray hits a few shots, ...if Pierce hits a couple more, ...if the defense makes a couple more stops, ...maybe the comeback would have been completed and we'd have a huge win.  Instead we've got the wind knocked out of our sails.  On to game 4.

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