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Report: Now Byron Scott to be Cleveland's Next Head Coach

Maybe you remember reading that the Cleveland job was all sewn up. Weeeelllllll not the case anymore apparently.

Byron Scott will be named the Cleveland Cavaliers' coach on Thursday, according to a source close to the situation.


Scott and Shaw were neck-and-neck for the job Tuesday night and several reports had Shaw as the front-runner. Shaw's agent, Jerome Stanley, told The Associated Press via e-mail late Tuesday night that his client was Cleveland's favored choice, and there were reports that Shaw was assembling a staff to help him in his first head-coaching gig.

Scott's agent even sent out an e-mail congratulating Shaw on getting Cleveland's job.

"Coach Scott welcomes Coach Shaw into the ranks of head coaching, and as a Laker family brother, wishes him the best, until the final two minutes of any game where they are competing against each other," the e-mail from McInerney read.

The Cavs, however, never offered Shaw the position. Instead, Cavaliers sources said they decided on Scott late Tuesday night and began negotiating with him Wednesday morning. Stanley then called the club Wednesday afternoon, telling them his client was pulling himself out of the running.

-ESPN's Chris Broussard

I say good move on both sides. Byron Scott will have a team with lackluster talent and low expectations to berate like he's Samuel L Jackson on a bad hair day, and Brian Shaw Phil Jackson's squire or something.

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