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What Will Cleveland Do Now?

The fans are furious, the owner is vowing revenge in comic sans, and the city of Cleveland is back to being known as a hard luck sports town.  But what happens now?  Will they blow it up or retool on the fly?  At least one blogger is in favor of the former.

Cavaliers Should Finally Focus on Future, Not on Winning Next Season | WaitingForNextYear

So, what should the Cavaliers do with the remainder of their team now that LeBron James is gone? Blow it up. Get rid of guys left and right. Please don’t acquire more bad contracts by players that are not on the right side of their prime years in the league. Acquiring Antawn Jamison, Shaquille O’Neal and others over the past two years were mistakes. These are players that could be decent role players on a good team, but now that the Cavs are merely mediocre, they represent nothing for the future. Jamison has another $28 million and two years left on his contract, and I seriously doubt he’ll be with the Cavs this entire year. In order to get better, the Cavs should try to get rid of these contracts and succeed in the future through the draft. That is the way teams are starting to improve. It’s much easier to become a title contender like the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Portland Trailblazers did than the previous ways of the Cavaliers franchise or the Miami Heat.

What would you do?

Update: Poor Big Al, can't catch a break.

Cavs may be looking at Childress, Al Jefferson - ProBasketballTalk

According to Windhorst, the Cavs have also discussed making a trade for Al Jefferson, but the talks are "not serious" at the moment. 

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