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The Force Is Strong In This One

The many faces of Luke.
The many faces of Luke.

Sorry, had to get that headline out of the way early in Harangody's career.  (The pictures are courtesy of Ball Don't Lie)

I've only watched a few summer league games (got a couple taped that I haven't gotten to yet) but one thing that seems very clear is that Harangody is a step ahead of most of those guys.  The kid just knows how to play.  Yes, he's undersized.  Yes, his shot looks like a pop-n-lock move. Yes, his jump hook needs a lot of work.  But you know what, the guy gets results.

Danny Ainge compared Luke to Ryan Gomes in that he's undersized but knows how to play the game.  I buy that.  I'll also toss out another name that keeps popping up in my head.  Big Baby was another college star that fell in the draft due to concerns about his size.  But once he got into the league and earned some playing time, he showed a knack for stepping up big when it mattered.

I'm not saying Luke will be a star.  He might not ever get past the size issue.  Then again, he could be a very solid sub for years to come if things play out right for him.  For one thing, he has that elbow jumper that Doc loves so much from his big men.  He has a nose for tracking down loose balls.  He could put up decent rebounding numbers just on boxing out and being smart enough to know when a ball is going to carom long or short.  He even has range out to 3 point land.

I think Harangody is a pretty good bet to make the team and will contribute at some point this next year.  Who knows, maybe someday he'll hit a big shot in a playoff game and bowl over some whiny brat.  (Then LeBron will have to get up and keep playing)

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