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The Search For A New Polarizer

Will Shrek and Donkey take the blame when fans need someone to be the goat?
Will Shrek and Donkey take the blame when fans need someone to be the goat?

The Celtics have a big hole on their roster!  No, I'm not talking about the backup wing position.  Nor am I speaking of the backup center or point guard slots.  I'm talking about the role of "guy that Celtics fans can't decide to love or hate" - which I may have to refer to as "Antoine Status."

Think about it.  Tony Allen is gone.  Rasheed Wallace is retiring.  Brian Scalabrine might have played his last game as a Celtic.  Who's going to step up and take the overinflated expectations and absorb the reactionary scapegoating with a stiff upper lip?  The roster isn't completed yet, but here are some candidates.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis - At times he's lived up to his nickname.  He's just an emotional guy, which serves him well when he uses the emotion in a positive way.  But he can get down on himself and he can act a bit foolish (like, say, a bar-fight right before the season).  But Shrek/Ticket Stub/Uno Uno tends to be forgiven for his foibles when he steps up in the playoffs like he has the last two years.

Nate Robinson (if he re-signs) - If he comes back, Donkey could also live up to his nickname.  Actually I was pretty impressed with how he bought into the system and contributed in the playoffs.  Given a whole season and more opportunity to impress Doc, he could really thrive.  ...or he could get under everyone's skin.  You just never know with him.

Jermaine O'Neal - He's got a big name and some will put bigtime expectations on him.  He also cost us our whole Mid Level, so we're hoping he's worth it.  If he plays like he did in the playoffs the fans won't give him much rope.  Hey, at least he'll only have to face Perkins in practice (and not until February).

Ray Allen - Hard to believe that the most likable guy on the team (in the league?) could be a target for blame, but he took much of the blame for the Finals flameout.  We're all happy that he re-signed but I think we're also happy that he signed for just two years.

And of course there's always Doc Rivers!  (some habits die hard)

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