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Ray Allen Isn't Worried About Age

Just look at those calf muscles!
Just look at those calf muscles!

I guess Ray and the rest of the players will leave the worrying about age and injuries to bloggers like me.

A positive spin on it -

"We’re older than last year," Allen said, shrugging his shoulders in "big deal" fashion. "That always was funny to me because I never felt older. I never felt out of shape or slower. We went through a bad stretch of not winning games (last season), but it never had to do with age. "It had to do with getting together on the same page. It’s not going to change. But that’s always the challenge we’ve faced with every year, where people look at us and say we’re not capable. That’s the negativity that pushes all of us."

Then there was this great quote:

"He has the best-looking calf muscles in the NBA," said agent Lon Babby, who believes Allen, especially in light of his new two-year deal, actually may have another contract in store before his career ends.

Well alright then.  I can stop worrying now!

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