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Waiting, Waiting...

We've been somewhat spoiled for the last several weeks with signings, free agent updates, rumors, and all the drama around The Decision.  Now we enter somewhat of a quiet period in the offseason where all the big fish have landed in their new homes and the 2nd tier players are looking for the largest pieces of pie left.

Danny Ainge has even headed off on vacation (apparently a working vacation but it sounds like there's not much work to do).

Danny Ainge can only wait -

"It’s just a waiting time right now," Ainge said yesterday. "Some teams have a lot of money left to spend, and we have to wait them all out."

The Celtics' attempt to move the yet-to-retire Rasheed Wallace's $6 million salary slot may even take longer, after teams finish with free agency and have a better idea of how their respective rosters shape up.

But right now, movement on that front for the Celtics is even slower than the attempt to sign a quality player to a veteran's minimum contract.

"It’s always hard to gauge. We just have to wait and see. There are still good players out there."

All of which makes us track the movements (and tweets) of lesser lights like Matt Barnes and react with posts about the tiniest of rumors about bit players like Larry Hughes.  A couple of weeks ago neither of those guys would have even registered a post on their own.

But don't go anywhere.  We've got plenty of fun things planned for the blog this summer even if the team doesn't cooperate with exciting news every day.

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