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Get Battier? (A. Sherrod Blakely Idea)

I've heard this idea kicked around a few times and always dismissed it as unrealistic.  But Blakely breaks down a reason or two why the Rockets might just consider it.

The need for (trading) 'Sheed

Why this works for Houston: With the Rockets inching close to the luxury tax threshold following a brisk offseason, trading Battier for Wallace would save them at least $1 million in salary; Houston has Kevin Martin, Trevor Ariza and Chase Budinger in the fold, creating what appears to be a logjam of sorts at the small forward position when you throw Battier in the mix.

If we can get old pal Daryl Morey to sign on, then sign me up.

Blakely also proposes two other deals (James Posey and Nazr Mohammed) that make some sense as well.

So hypothetically, if Houston asked us to throw in a 1st rounder, would you do it?  If the Hornets offered to toss in a 1st rounder, would you do the deal for Posey?

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